Why Occupational Hygiene is Essential

Why Occupational Hygiene is Essential

In the past, we thought we had our work cut out for us with health issues caused by lead, asbestos, silica, crystalline, and solvents. However, things have worsened, but it must be noted that all of these health and safety issues mentioned can now at least be managed. Now, the industrial and work environment has become even more dangerous, with health and safety risks ranging extensively and including all sorts of things, such as noise, heat, cold, ergonomic stress, radiation, infectious diseases, and even psychological stress. Then there is machinery, equipment, changing technology, and even exposure to chemicals to be considered. The job of the occupational hygiene specialists has become even more complicated in recent times.

Occupational hygiene is a field that is always changing and developing. The work environment is forever changing as advanced systems and products emerge. This is why having an occupational hygienist available to work with is vitally important if you are running a business in an environment or industry that presents certain risks and health hazards to employees, and even the public.


Benefits of Good Occupational Hygiene

It is both the employee and the worker who benefit from good occupational hygiene strategies. Some of the benefits that you can expect when implementing a good occupational hygiene plan are as follows:


  • The health and life expectancy of your workers will be improved, which is great for your business’s bottom line and the long-term loyalty of your employees.


  • The number of employees who need to leave the business due to illness or deteriorating health will be limited. The cost to replace and retrain employees is a drain on a business’s bottom line, so retaining employees is important. Safe and healthy employees tend to feel more secure in their jobs and stay for longer.


  • Increased productivity means an improved bottom line. Employees who know what to do and how to do it safely, will work with confidence and get things done faster. Employees will also feel looked after and cared for, which will inspire them to work faster, harder, and better.


Can Occupational Hygiene be Handled In-House?

All businesses have the opportunity to sit down and implement systems, precautions, and policies to ensure that the business has an occupational hygiene strategy that protects both the business and its workers. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple task and can keep key employees from their important roles. Especially when you consider that occupational hygiene efforts and systems need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. It is best to hire a professional occupational hygienist to take a closer look at your business operations and set new systems, methods, and strategies in place to bring about change in the workplace.


Choose IOH Solutions for Your Occupational Hygiene Needs

A safe and healthy workplace is easy to achieve with our occupational hygienists at IOH Solutions. We will ensure that you are provided with sound occupational hygiene advice and that you can implement a system that benefits your business from day one. If you would like to learn more about our occupational hygiene services, contact us via email or telephone at IOH Solutions today. We will ensure that you are provided with all the information needed before registering as one of our customers.