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Occupational Health Risk Assessment

The Nature and Benefits of an Occupational Health Risk Assessment   For most of the history of paid work, employers have done their best to pay their workers as little as possible and have shown little or no concern for the conditions in which they were required...

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Hazardous Biological Agents

Dealing with Hazardous Biological Agents in the Workplace   There can be few subjects more topical at the moment than the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the many ways in which the microscopic organism responsible has been affecting almost every aspect of human...

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Managing the Threat of Hazardous Chemical Substances

We live in a highly industrialised society. Even the air above our cities and towns and much of the surrounding countryside has become laced with a cocktail of hazardous chemical substances. Materials, such as nitrogen oxides, lead, soot particles, sulphur dioxide,...

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Health and Safety Management in the Workplace

For most of the country's history, there has been no attempt by successive governments to introduce legislation concerning Health and Safety Management in South Africa's workforce. In all fairness, much the same can be said of every industrialised nation on the...

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