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Key Elements & Goals of Occupational Hygiene

It is unlikely that any other event could have highlighted the importance of personal protection equipment more effectively than the current lockdown conditions imposed to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in some working environments, such as hospital isolation...

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Importance of Noise Measurement in Occupational Hygiene

The incidence of hearing loss has grown steadily over the past few decades. Whereas previously, this condition mainly affected the more elderly members of society, it is now equally prevalent among the under-fifties, even affecting those in their teens and pre-teen...

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Industrial Hygiene Specialists and Their Importance

While paid employment may have eventually replaced slavery, in most cases, that transition had little effect on the day-to-day treatment of the average employee. With few exceptions, workers still had to labour for long hours in unsavoury and often dangerous...

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Managing Hazardous Chemical Substances in the Workplace

The list of hazardous chemical substances is a long one. It even includes the oxygen we breathe, which is potentially explosive and, when breathed in its pure form, can cause a fatal toxic reaction in the human central nervous system. In the home, substances like...

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Occupational Hygiene – Managing Workplace Health and Safety

Statistics often suggest that most accidents occur in the home. While this may be true, the workplace often holds many more hazards, even though these may not always be as evident as a sharp knife or a boiling kettle. Identifying those hazards is one of several...

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