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Industrial Hygiene | Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Nature and Purpose of an Industrial Hygiene Programme   Industrial hygiene is maintaining a clean workplace, not with buckets and mops, but through a thorough inspection to identify and eliminate hazards to staff. Absence from work is a serious problem that...

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Occupational Hygiene | Workplace Hazards | Health & Safety

The Importance of Occupational Hygiene in Maintaining a Safe Workplace   Employers must legally maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Many seek professional assistance from an occupational hygiene specialist to help them comply. In the past, the concern by...

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Workplace Ergonomics | Productivity | Injuries | Stress

Understanding the Impact of Applied Workplace Ergonomics on Productivity   Employees should not be overexerted or experience prolonged discomfort when performing their jobs. Workplace ergonomics helps optimise tasks and conditions. It has taken centuries for...

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Occupational hygiene | Employee health | Workplace hazards

Safeguarding Employee Health Through Occupational Hygiene Ill health costs South Africa’s industries billions annually. However, much of this loss can be avoided with some help from an occupational hygiene specialist. Of course, colds and flu are responsible for some...

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Occupational hygienist | Workplace hazards

The Role of an Occupational Hygienist in the Management of Workplace Hazards Many employees are exposed to potential hazards yet remain unaware of the threat they pose. An occupational hygienist can identify, assess and manage them. According to statistics compiled by...

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