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Health Risk Assessment | Workplace Hazards

A Health Risk Assessment Can Provide Employers With Vital Insight   The Occupational Health and Safety Act states employers must protect their staff from workplace hazards. A health risk assessment can be of great help. Millions of workers worldwide are exposed...

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Workplace Ergonomics | Benefits | MSDs

  Workplace Ergonomics Benefits Both Workers and Employers   While most employers understand how working conditions can lead to illnesses and injuries, many are far less aware of the importance of workplace ergonomics. The latter term is a meld of two Greek...

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Occupational Hygienist | Safe Working Environments

The Crucial Role of the Occupational Hygienist In Employee Health and Safety   The main task of an occupational hygienist is to identify, evaluate and manage factors that threaten health and safety at work. Not surprisingly, their role involves cleaning up the...

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Occupational Hygiene | Workplace Hazards | Health & Safety

Occupational Hygiene is a Key Factor in Employee Health and Safety   South Africa’s employers are legally bound to protect the health and safety of staff whilst at work. Occupational hygiene strategies can help them comply. An effective plan requires a thorough...

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Health Risk Assessment | Preventing Workplace Hazards

Keeping Employees Safe With a Health Risk Assessment   Whether employed in an office or engineering works, staff could be exposed to the risk of injury or illness without a professional health risk assessment. The dangers to workers in high-risk occupations like...

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Occupational Hygiene | Avoiding Health and Safety Hazards

Employers Have Much to Gain by Prioritising Occupational Hygiene   South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act addresses the potential dangers to staff whilst at work and the need for occupational hygiene programmes. This timely legislation cited employers...

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