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Commercial Hygiene Assessment and Testing

Why is Commercial Hygiene Assessment and Testing Necessary? Most employees spend the majority of their day at work, exposed to the conditions created by the work environment and the industry within which it operates. Even seemingly harmless industries or work...

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Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Types of Risk Assessments in the Workplace Virtually every situation has the potential to pose some sort of threat to the health and safety of individuals, or the safety of equipment, if not managed correctly. As an employee, it is your responsibility to make sure...

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Testing of Laboratories Exposure Control

The Testing of Laboratories is Needed to Implement Adequate Exposure Control Safety in the workplace is an ongoing concern and one that is constantly evolving. In the past few decades, safety measures in various industries have improved drastically, and for very good...

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Risk Assessments of Laboratories

Who to Turn to For The Risk Assessments of Laboratories Working in a laboratory – any type of laboratory – can be exceptionally rewarding. This is where discoveries are made, where the world is changed, and where work is done that influences our daily lives, whether...

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Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene And Why It’s Important to South Africa’s Employees For many years, workers on South Africa’s mines, in other heavy industries, and on factory floors had no option but to work in conditions that were a threat to their health and, in some cases, to...

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Health and Safety Management

Help With Your Health and Safety Management Measures Since the publication of the relevant act in 1993, employers in South Africa are obliged to conform with certain recommended actions relating to the management of the health and safety of their employees whilst at...

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