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Crucial Role of an Occupational Hygienist

The Crucial Role of an Occupational Hygienist Utter the phrase “occupational hygienist” in a crowd, and many of those present will likely think of those non-medically qualified assistants employed by dentists to advise their patients about dental care and perform...

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The Significance of Occupational Hygiene

The Nature and Significance of Occupational Hygiene In all fairness, one could be forgiven for believing that the phrase “occupational hygiene” referred to mundane practices, such as washing one’s hands out of consideration for work colleagues. In practice, personal...

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Detect & Manage Hazardous Chemical Substances

Detecting and Managing Hazardous Chemical Substances The current lockdown and social distancing regulations have led to increased public awareness of the dangers of biological agents, such as the coronavirus and the need for suitable precautions. However, most people...

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The Growing Importance of Noise Dosimetry

Importance of Noise Dosimetry The incidence of hearing loss has been growing steadily. While this condition was once mainly confined to elderly subjects, it has become common in younger people, even affecting teenagers and pre-teens. Deafness can have various causes....

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Key Elements & Goals of Occupational Hygiene

It is unlikely that any other event could have highlighted the importance of personal protection equipment more effectively than the current lockdown conditions imposed to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in some working environments, such as hospital isolation...

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Importance of Noise Measurement in Occupational Hygiene

The incidence of hearing loss has grown steadily over the past few decades. Whereas previously, this condition mainly affected the more elderly members of society, it is now equally prevalent among the under-fifties, even affecting those in their teens and pre-teen...

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