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Health Risk Assessment | Workplace Safety

A Health Risk Assessment by IOH Solutions Will Ensure Effective Workplace Safety Solutions The Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges employers to provide a safe working environment. A health risk assessment offers them the best means to comply. Work-related...

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Occupational Hygienist | Workplace Survey

How an IOH Solutions Occupational Hygienist Can Ensure a Safe Workplace for Your Employees A workplace can harbour many hidden hazards. An occupational hygienist can identify and evaluate them and propose measures to ensure staff health and safety. Absenteeism has...

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Hazardous Chemical Substances | Risk Assessment

Assessing the Potential Risk to Workers Posed by Hazardous Chemical Substances is Crucial Working with hazardous chemical substances can threaten an employee's health. A regular risk assessment is the most effective way to ensure their safety. While the entire world...

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Occupational Hygiene | Foundations | Workplace Hazards

What Are the Five Main Principles That Form the Foundation of Occupational Hygiene? Five principles of occupational hygiene form the basis for ensuring health and safety in the workplace, and employers should be aware of what this entails. Some occupations, such as...

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Occupational Hygiene | Workplace Health and Safety

The Role of Occupational Hygiene in Improving Workplace Health and Safety Businesses in South Africa lose billions of Rands annually due to work-related injuries and illnesses arising from inadequate occupational hygiene measures. The trend is not confined to...

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Industrial Hygiene | Workplace Survey

Employers Need to Recognise the Importance of Implementing Industrial Hygiene Measures The workplace can hold many hazards to employees’ health and safety. However, suitable industrial hygiene measures can minimise or even eliminate their risk. Accidents and illnesses...

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