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Control of Hazardous Chemical Substances & Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety – The Control of Hazardous Chemical Substances For centuries, workers have been forced to operate in unsafe and unhealthy conditions while their employers largely dismissed the high incidence of illness and injury as unrelated to their jobs. More...

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Occupational Hygiene & How it Could Help Your Business

Occupational Hygiene and How it Could Help Your Business Given the current concerns regarding industry’s growing carbon footprint and its visible effect on the earth’s climate, one can be forgiven for believing that occupational hygiene (OH) is about cleaning up the...

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The Role of Workplace Ergonomics

The Important Role of Workplace Ergonomics in Modern Times The health and safety of employees whilst at work only became a legal issue in most countries during the latter years of the twentieth century. Facing the risk of injuries and illnesses like silicosis and lead...

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How A Health Risk Assessment Can Save You Money

Failure to Arrange a Health Risk Assessment Could Prove Costly Most of the more established companies in South Africa are members of a group medical aid scheme and contribute to their employees' monthly premium payments. However, while these schemes provide support...

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Hazardous Chemical Substances – Maintaining Workplace Safety

Maintaining Workplace Safety When Working with Hazardous Chemical Substances Most people assume that they would be able to recognise danger if they see it. If someone smells smoke and sees a fire, they would likely know there is danger and would either try to leave...

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Occupational Hygiene – The Benefits of a Course

How You Can Benefit from A Course in Occupational Hygiene or Industrial Safety Employees are the heart and soul of a company. No matter which way you look at it, if a company loses its employees or if they become unable to work, the company will be in serious trouble....

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