What is Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management | What it is and Why You Need it

How often do your employees get sick? Do you cringe at the amount of downtime your business suffers when employees are off sick? How often do employees incorrectly use equipment or accidentally spill chemicals while working? Are the lives and health of employees at risk while at work? These are important questions to answer. In fact, the answers will tell you whether or not your business is considered “safe” according to occupational health and safety regulations in your industry.

A Health and Safety Plan Mitigates Potential Losses

Health and safety management processes are very important in the workplace. Think about the negative impact and losses that your business will suffer when employees are sick or get hurt while at work. This is where health and safety management play a role. Of course, it is important to have a process in place to take action when and if employees get sick or injured, but it is far more important to have a preventative maintenance/management strategy in place to minimise that kind of risk in the first place.

Where to Start with a Health and Safety Plan

The very first step towards developing a good health and safety management programme is to make sure that you provide training to employees. If you educate your employees on the dos and don’ts, and teach them about the potential risks that they face on a daily basis, you will find that fewer incidents occur. Contamination will not happen, hygiene processes will be followed, and employees will know how to safely use potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals. On a whole, it means good things for both the business and its employees.

Let the Professionals Handle the Task for You!

Of course, you are busy dealing with the daily operations of your business. You do not have time to work out a health and safety management plan, and you probably do not want the hassle and expense of hiring someone in-house to ensure that the management plan is carried out meticulously. Do not think that this is not important though.

Companies must keep on top of their health and safety, or they could suffer fines, litigation, and so on. Non-compliance is a serious problem for some companies that consistently overlook the importance of occupational health and safety. What is the solution then? Outsourcing your occupational health and safety management services to IOH Solutions is the ultimate answer. It is one that will save you time, money, and frustration, immediately and in the long run.

Choose IOH Solutions for Your Occupational Health and Safety Needs

At IOH Solutions, we have our finger on the pulse of occupational health and safety management regulations in South Africa. When your business entrusts its occupational health and safety to us, they can rest assured that they are always compliant and never face the risk of potential problems along the way.

To learn more about our occupational health and safety services, get in touch with us at IOH Solutions. You can give us a call or send us an email for more advice and information on our services today.