Require the Services of a Professional Occupational Hygienist?

A professional occupational hygienist is an individual who is tasked with maintaining the health and well-being of employees in industrial, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical and other potentially dangerous industries. In many industries there is a need for various health and safety plans, procedures, processes and mechanisms to be in place, and it is the job of the occupational hygienist to implement these and ensure that they are maintained and made use of.

An occupational hygienist is trained to identify potential hazards and dangers in the work place and report on them. Once the risks are identified, various processes and procedures must be implemented to ensure that these risks are minimised or avoided. It is also the duty of this person or team to ensure that the company owner / manager is made aware of the potential dangers and liabilities, so that they can be aware of the risk of legal action ever being carried out against them in the event of injury or illness.

In the work place it is the responsibility of the business owner and its managers to ensure and protect the health and safety of all of the business employees. By taking on the services of an experienced team such as IOH Solutions, you can rest assured that all of your occupational health and safety concerns will be handled with professionalism and efficiency. Many companies that have tried to maintain the correct health and hygiene standards alone have found it hard to keep up with the regular inspections, checks and accuracy. By outsourcing this service or making use of one of our systems, you can ensure that your business keeps running according to industry standards.

The areas that are covered or can be covered by such a service include general health risk assessments, monitoring of noise and vibration, management of hazardous chemical substances, hazardous biological sampling, testing of indoor air quality, illumination, ergonomics, thermal stress, water sampling and so on. Once you have undergone an assessment, we recommend that you invest in our electronic health and safety management systems. These are designed to ensure that you can monitor your working environment and keep health and safety mechanisms up, running and doing their job. These systems are able to cover absolutely everything from the drawing up of official health and safety documentation to providing steps and processes for becoming ready for audit or inspection.

Since we opened our doors for business in 2003 we have worked hard to present our clients with only the best service and products available on the market. We keep our rates competitive and guarantee that every client assisted by us will be able to improve their standards of health and safety, if they make use of our systems, processes and various procedures. Once we have implemented systems for you, we can visit on a regular basis to carry out an inspection or internal audit – just to make sure that your level of compliance is always the same, or better.

The team at IOH Solutions consists of qualified and certified professionals who are registered with the SAIOH, which is the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene. This institute only allows qualified and certified concerns to become members.  Our consultants and agents work closely with some of the largest companies operating in the country and we are able to do this as we have an efficient national network of professionals at our disposal.

We believe that your business should be able to get all the required occupational health and safety services in one place and this is why we offer you an all-inclusive package that will take care of your every need. Whether you want to comply with international, national or local legislation – we are the team to assist.

If you have been hunting for an affordable, professional and qualified occupational hygienist, then look no further! At IOH Solutions you have a whole team of professionals willing and able to assist you. We can help you turn your business into a fully compliant and legally functional concern. Take the time to give us a call or send us an email with your company details and requirements. One of our friendly and dedicated consultants will be in touch with you!