Occupational Hygienist

How Occupational Hygienists Can Help You Manage a Productive Workplace 

Part of managing a productive workplace is successfully and consciously managing occupational hygiene. To this end, seasoned occupational hygienists make use of the latest sciences and engineering to prevent ill health in the workplace, caused by the very same environment that people spend a vast part of their day in. This is all aimed at helping to reduce employee illness and injury, and making sure that the business remains in full compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation.

It’s an important part to the management of any workplace environment, and it should be handled by a professional team. All you need to do is look at stark facts by the International Labour Organisation, which estimates that work-related illnesses and accidents annually account for 2 million lives lost, costing the global economy upwards of US$1,25 trillion. This alone is indicative of the importance of occupational hygienists.

How Can Working with an Occupational Hygienist Benefit Your Business?

Working with seasoned occupational hygienists to better manage your workplace’s health and safety can offer numerous benefits to your business. To start with, it boosts employee health, and increases life expectancy. It also reduces the amount of people who have to leave the employment sector early, due to preventable diseases and injuries. On a broader scale, it also lowers social and healthcare costs, while maximising worker potential for your business.

Your company also enjoys the benefits of an efficient working process, and boosted productivity, since there are fewer sick days that need to be taken. When employees need to book off sick because of illness or injury, it costs the employer more than just money to get replacement staff in to pick up the slack. Temp workers need to be informed of processes, and this can slow down production and frustrate processes. It’s simply better for everyone if the workforce remains healthy and out of harm’s way.

Why We Should Be Your First Choice for Expert Occupational Hygienists in South Africa

Since our inception, we’ve been working hard to become one of the leading occupational hygiene firms in South Africa. Our team is adept at providing the very highest standard for risk-based consulting in the occupational hygiene sector, with a focus on all chemical, biological, physical, and ergonomic stressors. Expert occupational hygienists conduct exposure assessments, and conduct indoor air quality, toxicology, and management solutions research for clients across all economic sectors.

We are proud of our long and celebrated service history, helping our clients to keep their workforces safe, while also adhering to the relevant statutes and legislation. Let us do the same for you. Thanks to our vast expertise in occupational health and hygiene, we are best positioned to help you identify and manage risks and hazards in your working environment. If you would like to learn more about what we do, and how we can help your business, contact us today. We’re always at hand to provide you with the insights and advice needed to make the best decision for your business.