Occupational Hygiene Services

Become Compliant and Productive with Professional Occupational Hygiene Services

Is your business compliant with regulations and legislation currently affecting your industry? Are your health and safety efforts effective or are your systems old and outdated? If you are running an industrial business or a business that involves any processes where health, safety and environmental impact are issues to be dealt with, you will require the professional services of an occupational hygienist. We offer custom-designed occupational hygiene services to our customers. Our aim is to ensure that work environments are not just compliant with industry standards or government regulations, but also to protect the health and safety of those within the work environment and the surrounding community.

Companies that choose to put their own systems in place and manage and monitor their occupational hygiene in-house often find that the task soon becomes too big and complicated. Outsourcing your occupational hygiene services will ensure that your systems and processes are kept up to date, that your business is always compliant with regulations, and that you never fail an audit. Slacking on your occupational health and safety efforts and systems can have serious negative consequences for your business. First and foremost, employees and others may suffer injuries and illness, which not only lead to expensive downtime, but can also result in legal issues and claims. Secondly, your business processes could have an adverse impact on the environment, which can quickly result in hefty fines and in some cases, closure of the business until such time as the company is compliant once more.

It is important to regularly monitor and check the systems and processes that you have in place and do internal audits to ensure that your company is always compliant. We can create systems and procedures for you based on your specific needs and requirements, set these systems and procedures in place, educate your workforce on their roles in the process and also ensure that your efforts are regularly checked and monitored to keep your business on the right track and on the right side of the law.

Our team provides thorough occupational hygiene services. We think of everything! Our services include the following (and a lot more besides):
• Health risk assessments.
• Noise monitoring.
• Hazardous chemical substance control.
• Asbestos management.
• Indoor air quality.
• Thermal stress.
• Ergonomics.
• Illumination.
• Chemical compatibility.
• Ventilation.
• Vibration.
• Hazardous biological sampling.
• Water sampling.

At IOH Solutions, we are passionate about our role in assisting your business to reach a level of health and safety that is beneficial to all parties involved. Whether you are concerned about your environmental impact or if you are looking for more effective ways of preventing your staff members from becoming injured or ill on the job, we can assist. We will assess your situation, provide advice and create an occupational hygiene solution that is custom-designed just for you, because it is what we do! If you would like further information on our occupational hygiene services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via email and telephone and would love to discuss how we can assist your business now and in the future.