Occupational Hygiene Management

Ensure Compliance with a Sound Occupational Hygiene Management Strategy

Every industrial labour accident is one accident too many. The South African government has developed numerous pieces of legislation that regulate occupational hygiene and health in the workplace. Employers are charged with adhering to these laws in order to provide employees with a safe space to execute their duties. However, these laws are constantly updated as the economy and industries evolve, and it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

This is where our expertise in developing tailored occupational hygiene management programmes for our clients come in. We make it our business to stay current with the very latest developments in the occupational hygiene and health sector, so that you don’t have to. Simply put your trust in us to come up with a customised management programme that takes your company’s unique needs and challenges into account, and let us help you keep your employees safer while on the job.

What is Modern Occupational Hygiene Management?

The continued study, recognition, assessment and management of environmental stressors that arise in the workplace characterises modern occupational hygiene management practices. These stressors can be any chemical or biological agent, or an environmental condition or occurrence that could lead to bodily damage and adversely affect the health of employees.

Every employee is entitled to a safe workspace that is free of hazards and dangers. Our industry-leading occupational health and safety management systems help employers provide for workers’ safety while on the job, as much as possible. It is, of course, impossible to obliterate every conceivable hazard that employees might face while on the job, but with our team behind your business, you can be sure that everything possible is done to minimise the risk faced by your employees.

Leading Accredited Approved Inspection Authority

We have been hard at work helping South African employers provide a safer work environment for employees since 2003. Our team of seasoned professionals remains committed to excellence, and to offering our clients the solutions that they need. As such, we are also registered with the Department of Labour, as well as the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) as an accredited Approved Inspection Authority.

This is only one more way in which we seek to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace, and provide you with the excellent service and solutions that you demand. Throughout the years, we have worked with some of South Africa and the continent’s largest companies. Our efficient national and international network of business associates, correspondents, agents and experts helps us to deliver the state-of-the-art services that our clients require, at the best rates possible.

We have forged a solid reputation in the industry throughout the years, in which we take immense pride. Our dedication to helping you minimise the occurrence of occupational hazards and accidents while keeping employees safe on the job knows no bounds. For a one-stop solution to expert occupational hygiene management in South Africa, speak to us today. We look forward to providing you with all of the information that you will need to make informed decisions regarding your company’s occupational hygiene requirements, and to help your employees stay safe while executing their duties.