Occupational Health & Hygiene

Occupational Health & Hygiene Services – Ensure Your Business is and Remains Compliant

Just how healthy and safe is your business environment? Do your staff members often get sick and take off days because they are negatively affected by their working environment? Is it possible that you are spending a great deal of time training new or temporary staff simply because your current staff members get ill too frequently? An unhealthy or unsafe working environment will cost you a lot of money in the end, but that is not all; it will cost your reputation too. It is important to know that occupational health and hygiene strategies are essential in the workplace. During various activities, among which a few examples are food production, raw material extraction, manufacturing, energy production and various other services, the operations, materials and processes involved can create a health and hygiene hazard to employees and even to nearby communities.

In industrial environments, the generation and the release of harmful agents can and should be prevented or minimised by implementing the correct hazard-control strategies to ensure that the health of the workforce is protected. The profession that focuses on preventing and controlling hazards that result from industrialisation or other working processes is called Occupational Health & Hygiene. The main objective of those working in this profession is to protect the health of workers as well as the environment.

When one thinks about occupational health and safety hazards, one usually thinks about chemical hazards first. At IOH Solutions, we take a look at a far broader spectrum of work-related hazards that can actually occur and result from various factors such as heat, noise, cold, radiation, infectious disease, ergonomic stress and even psychological stress. The field of occupational health and hygiene is constantly changing as the industry learns more and as new threats reveal themselves.

Professionals working in the occupational health and hygiene field must have a wealth of knowledge and information in various fields. Disciplines that lend themselves to good occupational health and hygiene include chemistry, medicine, engineering, physics and several others. Our occupational health and hygiene consultants work closely with some of the largest companies operating in Africa. We have a national network of qualified and experienced agents that makes it possible for us to offer our services to clients nationwide, at eminently reasonable rates.

Our aim is to ensure that your company does not just meet the required legislative and regulatory standards, but actually exceeds them, for the benefit of your workforce, your company image and, of course, your bottom line. We are available to consult at all times and strongly recommend that you book an appointment for us to visit your premises and ascertain your needs and requirements in terms of occupational health and hygiene systems and procedures.

If you are looking for an occupational health and hygiene company to assist your company with reaching compliance and implementing changes to the benefit of your workforce and your company, chat to us at IOH Solutions. We are available via email and telephone and welcome you to contact us for more information and advice at your earliest convenience.