Noise Surveys

Noise Surveys by Experts

Noise surveys form a vitally important part of good occupational and industrial hygiene assessments and practices. Such investigations should be conducted wherever people are exposed to loud sounds or expected to work in noisy conditions.

Most commonly, noise surveys are undertaken at factories and mines. Factories employ machinery which frequently produces noise; underground workers in mines are exposed to powerful drills, jackhammers and blasting in confined spaces.

Homeowners living adjacent to airport runways complain to authorities about noise and vibration experienced during take-off and landing of modern aircraft. Many a pub or entertainment venue has been forced to close down or adopt corrective acoustic measures because of excessive sound levels; such is the impact of noise.

The human ear is a very sensitive, delicate organ, consisting of many fragile structures which can damage or fail for numerous reasons. Heavy blows to the side of the head, prolonged exposure to loud sounds (including loud music), and disease can and do cause hearing loss or deafness, sometimes permanently.

In this unfortunate event, there is so much that is suddenly taken away. Hearing plays an important part in maintaining balance; deafness, even if only in one ear, permanently keeps the body off balance, often leading to dizzy spells and nausea.

If working in a potentially hazardous environment, loss of hearing increases risk factors exponentially and may result in the person no longer being able to continue in their normal type of work. Compensation for occupationally incurred hearing loss is said to be the reason for most work related claims.

What are your business’s noise levels? Are you aware that 85dB(A) is the maximum limit? What are the types of noise and what causes them? Are they constant, fluctuating or occasional? How many people are subjected to these loud sounds and for what periods? What protective measures and equipment are in use? Does the company receive complaints from neighbours?

These questions only represent a sample of areas to be identified, investigated, analysed, evaluated, communicated and controlled, all of which must be done scientifically and in compliance with the legal occupational health and safety requirements. The legal obligation and monitoring action requires that findings and results must be audited.

Our company specialises in all aspects of occupational hygiene, health and safety in the workplace. We assist our clients in all areas within our field of expertise, which includes noise pollution and control. Our specialists are qualified, registered with the SAIOH and highly experienced.

We invite you to contact us to take care of this potentially hazardous aspect of your operation, both in area demarcation and for personal sampling of individual employees. We have all the relevant equipment and skills needed for noise surveys, for the well-being of your employees and the continued health of your company.