Noise Measurement

Have a Noise Measurement Survey Carried Out at Your Premises by IOH Solutions

All companies are required by law to meet certain occupational health and safety standards. Non-compliant companies are often faced with hefty fines, closure until standards are improved, or even litigation from employees or members of the public who suffer illness or injury because of the business and its operations. Noise measurement forms a large part of any company’s occupational health and safety strategy and processes. In regular office environments, compliance with noise measurement standards is simple, but for companies operating in industrial and manufacturing environments, noise management strategies can become somewhat more complex.

The main objective of including noise measurement as part of your health and safety strategy is to reduce or minimise noise that might cause impaired hearing or have an adverse effect on the physical health of employees who are exposed to the noise.

We offer noise measurement as part of our occupational health and safety services. We can visit your premises to see if you are in fact compliant with the laws and regulations in place regarding the management of noise in the workplace. If we find that you are not, we will set processes, procedures and strategies in motion to ensure that you can become compliant and remain that way.

Protecting the health and safety of your workforce is everyone’s responsibility, not just yours. That is why we strongly believe that each staff member should be provided with training on how to avoid potential hearing damage or noise-related maladies. All processes, procedures and strategies must be carefully explained to your workforce and it is important that you have all the warning signage and safety instructions clearly displayed in each area where noise is a concern. In some industrial environments, the company will have to implement measures that are more comprehensive than that of staff members merely wearing earplugs. On-going medical and physical examinations are also often suggested so that employers can always be aware of the physical health of their employees and can ascertain if the working environment is having an adverse effect on the general health of workers.

We help our clients to keep their work environments healthy and hazard-free by implementing a new way of doing things. We treat every business as a unique entity as no business is the same and as such, will have different needs and requirements. In some instances, the changes are minor and in others, they are major – it all depends on what you have been doing to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers to date, and what you should be doing, if your policy is lacking.

Our expertise in the industry is unrivalled and our attention to detail is guaranteed with each contract. We recommend that you chat to one of our consultants about setting up a noise management strategy for your business and ensuring that your business meets with compliance requirements. For more useful information and advice on noise measurement and tips on how to reduce noise within your business environment, contact us at IOH Solutions via email or telephone today.