Hygiene in the Workplace

Hygiene in the Workplace is Everyone’s Concern

Every person involved in the workplace, from the shift manager to employee and everyone in between, is responsible for ensuring adequate hygiene in the workplace. The importance of making the workplace a healthy and safe place cannot be stressed enough. It is because of this that there are internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in place throughout workplaces in South Africa.

While there is no telling when and if accidents will happen while employees are on duty, there are things that every employer and employee can do to minimise risks and hazards in the workplace. Most industrial sites are loaded with machinery, equipment, chemicals and tools which employees are exposed to day in and day out.

Due to the risks facing employees while in the workplace, there is an increasing demand for companies and industries to ensure that proper hygiene in the workplace is achieved to minimise the risk of injury among employees. This is where IOH Solutions can be of value to your business, among various other areas.

Why Choose IOH Solutions to Help Boost Hygiene in the Workplace?

At IOH Solutions, we have many years of experience in helping companies of all shapes and sizes to improve hygiene in the workplace. We perform occupational health risk assessments, but we also help with implementing our recommendations to make your workspace safer for your employees. Aside from this, we also offer indoor air quality surveys, illumination surveys, ergonomics, and whole body and hand arm vibration surveys, among many other services.

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve full compliance with all relevant occupational health and hygiene legislation and in doing so, protect their workers and boost productivity. Should the need arise, we can also provide noise and ventilation surveys, as well as temperature surveys to determine heat and cold stresses.

Partner with IOH Solutions for Expert Occupational Hygiene Solutions

We are passionate about occupational hygiene and health, as well as environmental health. Our company is a Department of Labour and South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited Approved Inspection Authority, which only further serves to put our clients’ minds at ease, knowing that they are indeed dealing with industry professionals. Throughout the years, our consultants have worked on a regular basis with some of the continent’s largest employees and companies.

Our national network of correspondents behind IOH Solutions, as well as our agents, business associates and passionate employees enable us to render the expert services and solutions that our clients expect from us. We are also able to provide our services at highly competitive rates and therefore ensure that our clients enjoy the very best value for money available today.

Suffering employee injury on the job can have a dire effect not only on your company’s bottom line, but also on its efficiency and staff morale. Partner with us for expert advice on improving the hygiene in your workplace, and provide your employees with the safe workspace that they deserve.