Health and Safety Consultations that Make Compliance Easier

Health and Safety Consultations

Health and safety consultations provide a two-way communication between employees and employers that allows sharing information regarding workplace health and safety, listening to concerns, and considering the views and opinions of others. The reason why we provide such consultations is to ensure that the full power of your workforce can be harnessed. By doing this, you can use the knowledge acquired to make educated decisions that benefit your business and those who work for you.

Why Consult with a Professional on Your Business’ Health and Safety Efforts?

With professional health and safety consultations held on a regular basis, fewer risks will be overlooked. When regular consultations take place, not just between the employer and an external health and safety company, but also including the employees, a workplace can be built that adapts easily to change, and is also safer and more productive. It is legally required for employers to consult with their employees, and address areas of concern that affect the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees. At IOH Solutions, we specialise in consulting with business owners and employees on issues of health and safety. We offer an all-inclusive solution to your health and safety concerns.

When all Parties Should be Involved in Consultations

Clear and transparent communication makes it easier to understand the risks at play, and to implement valuable processes. We strongly suggest that both employees and employers are professionally consulted with in the following circumstances:

  • Identifying potential risks and hazards that originate in the workplace.
  • Deciding if the facilities, equipment, and safety mechanisms are effective or not.
  • Determining the best methods for avoiding and minimising risks.
  • Implementing changes in workplace and tasks that may affect the safety and health of employees.
  • Resolving health and safety problems and concerns.

Other Benefits of Hiring an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner

An occupational health and safety practitioner can also assist with monitoring the health of employees, ensuring that workplace conditions are closely monitored, and providing employees with ongoing, up-to-date workplace health and safety training. The more you educate your teams, the easier it will be for correct health and safety processes to become the norm for your staff complement.

It goes without saying that health and safety consultations are essential for any business hoping to remain compliant with regulations and legislation. It is also essential for those who want to protect their employees and develop a strong sense of loyalty while boosting productivity.

When approaching occupational health and safety professionals to assist with your health and safety mechanisms, you can expect the assigned practitioners to pay a visit to your premises, and to do a thorough investigation and monitoring to get a true assessment of the health and safety situation in the workplace.

Book Health and Safety Consultations with IOH Solutions

If you would like to ensure that your business is fully compliant at all times, and caters to the wellbeing of your employees, we strongly recommend that you consult with one of our specialists at IOH Solutions. To do so, you can book a consultation with us. You can do so by telephone or email.