Hazardous Biological Agents

Protect Your Staff from Exposure to Hazardous Biological Agents

There are numerous hazardous biological agent regulations in South Africa to protect employees and the public from the severely detrimental effects that exposure to these agents can produce. Many of South Africa’s crucial sectors deal with hazardous biological agents daily, and without it would be unable to achieve their business processes. It remains the responsibility of the employer, the government and the employee to ensure in a collaborative effort that the risks of dealing with these substances and agents remain as limited as possible.

What are hazardous biological agents? According to the Regulations for Hazardous Biological Agents Act of 1993, it encompasses any cell culture, human endoparasite or microorganism, including genetically modified cell cultures, that may lead to allergy, toxicity or infection, or in any way create a hazard to human health.

Is Your Industry or Business at Risk of Exposure to Hazardous Biological Agents?

Prevention is better than cure. Educating your workforce on the dangers that they face is the first step to ensuring that everyone has the knowledge that they need to keep safe while on the job and performing their duties. Every work area dealing in hazardous biological agents is at risk of exposing its employees to hazards.

However, there are certain industries and sectors that are at a greater risk of exposing their workers to these hazards. Some of these industries include:

• Hospitals;
• Abattoirs;
• Medical research;
• Sewage treatment plants; and
• Food preparation areas and food processing industries, among others.

Partner with IOH Solutions for an Effective Health and Safety Plan Against Hazardous Biological Agents

At IOH Solutions, we know the risks that your enterprise faces on a daily basis. We have decades of experience in providing companies with sound health and safety systems that are proven to reduce the risk of exposure in the workplace. We use many different professional processes and systems that, when effectively implemented, help to turn your business around and ensure complete compliance with the regulations dealing with hazardous biological agents.

Your business deserves a functional and practical health and safety plan that takes its unique needs and challenges into account. We endeavour to provide you with a plan that ensures that the regulations of hazardous biological agents are fully adhered to at all times. Our services extend to:

• Health risk assessments;
• Hazardous chemical substances;
• Chemical compatibility; and
• Thermal testing, to name a few.

We have a team of seasoned and accredited industry professionals ready to provide you with the services and solutions that you need to take your business forward. Our team works with you to provide you with the excellent solutions needed to keep your employees safe from preventable hazards and injuries.

There are many different regulations dealing with hazardous biological agents to keep in mind, and as with all industries, the laws change over time. It can be challenging keeping up with the laws if it is not your company’s main focus, so let us take care of the details and provide your employees with a safe and secure environment to live up to their full potential in the workplace.