Handling Hazardous Chemical Substances

4 Tips for Effectively Handling Hazardous Chemical Substances in the Workplace

Does your business deal with hazardous chemical substances on a regular basis? Just how safe is the working environment for your employees? Do you ever have to worry about injuries or illnesses as a result of the substances that your business works with? Are management and employees working together to ensure that the workplace is always safe and compliant with industry regulations? It is important to be familiar with the health and safety regulations that affect your industry. Below are four tips for handling hazardous chemical substances for a safer working environment.

Ensure that You Store Chemicals in The Correct Way, Every Time

Hazardous chemical substances can be volatile. When stored incorrectly, they can explode, create toxic gases, and even start fires. Make sure that chemicals are stored separately, and that the correct storage methods are clearly marked in the workplace. Advise your workers to:

  • Keep chemicals away from substances that it can contaminate (food and water).
  • Ensure hazardous chemicals are kept in a secured area and not easily accessed by everyone.
  • Label all hazardous substances clearly and include warnings.

Get to Know the Chemicals That You Are Working With

It is good practice to request a safety and info sheet detailing the properties, risks, and hazards of the substance from your chemical supplier. This should be done for each and every chemical that you purchase. Make sure that these details are saved on file, and that a copy is readily available to everyone who works with the hazardous substance within the business. The info will help you to buy the right PPE (personal protection equipment) and educate your workforce. With the correct knowledge, you will be able to do the following:

  • Ensure the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) is bought and made available.
  • Create areas where the substance can be stored and worked with safely.
  • Draw up official safe operating procedures for the workforce.
  • Educate the workforce on the chemical and associated hazards.
  • Ensure that the chemical is correctly labelled.

Ensure that You Have Quality PPE Readily Available.

When you understand what you are dealing with, in terms of the nature and risks of the hazardous chemical substances in your workplace, you can ensure that the required PPE is made available. PPE that is typically required for working with chemicals includes:

  • Protection for skin (gloves, boots)
  • Protection for respiratory function (masks)
  • Personal hygiene (overalls, aprons, hats, etc.)
  • Protection for eyes (goggles, glasses)
  • Thermal protection (overalls)
  • First aid kits

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