Chemical Compatibility

Historical reactive chemical incidents demonstrate that chemical facilities could use chemically reactive materials and systems without knowing the relevant hazards posed.

Some operators are aware of relevant hazards, but fail to put in place adequate safeguards. Although controls for individual materials may be in place, the potential for major incidents exists if materials are inadvertently combined.

We focus on the handling of reactive materials and the prevention of reactive interactions, as well as data and safeguards needed to control these hazards. The importance of chemical compatibility and the use of chemical compatibility charts as a process safety tool are discussed.

Legislation that applies:

      • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulation of 1995
      • SANS 10228: The identification and classification of dangerous goods for transport by road and rail modes
      • SANS 10229-1: Transport of dangerous goods – Packaging and large packaging for road and rail transport Part 1: Packaging