At present, two references two National Standards for the quality of potable water exist in South Africa. The first is the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997) in which clause 4 (in terms of section 9(1)(b) of Water Services Act), refers to a compulsory national standard. The regulations relating to compulsory national standards for the quality of potable water are described in Clause 5 of the “Regulations Relating to Compulsory National Standards and Measures to Conserve Water” as gazetted on 8 June 2001 (Government Gazette 22355, 2001). The second is the Strategic Framework for Water Services (RSA, 2003a), in which Clause 6.3.2 thereof makes reference to drinking-water quality. Both references are presented and discussed briefly below.

The standard that we use for water sampling is the SANS 0241:2005 – National Drinking Water Standard (Physical, organoleptic and chemical requirements)