South Africa is Africa’s largest economy, with a diverse workforce ranging in age from early teens to late sixties, or even older. With such a large workforce, employers need to take measures to ensure their staff’s safety. Heath risk assessments have become a matter of exceptional importance in the workplace for companies that want to ensure their staff’s health and safety. Whatever sector your business operates in, it is to your company’s benefit, as well as its employees and consumers’ advantage to conduct regular health risk assessments.

Any type of work environment comes with its own risks to employees that could impact their health and wellbeing, and consequently, their productivity and efficiency. Some companies in South Africa still think today that they can ensure their employees’ safety from different risks and take care of their health simply by taking several precautionary methods. Guaranteeing your staff’s health and safety might not sound too complex, but as an untrained professional in this regard, there may be many areas that you are overlooking. This is why it is necessary to have skilled and trained professionals conduct frequent health risk assessments of your premises.

More and more companies associated with large industries and the manufacturing sector employs the services of seasoned health and safety risk assessors to help protect their staff from any health hazards or risks. In many instances, it is not 100% possible to remove all risk from the workplace, but the purpose of a health risk assessment is to ensure that employees’ exposure to risk is minimised as much as possible.

Expert Health Risk Assessments from IOH Solutions

IOH Solutions offer a careful health risk assessment that seeks to identify and carefully examine what, in your work environment, could cause a hazard to people. This enables companies to perform a risk calculation and rating of whether enough precautions and controls are in place to prevent harm to employees. Accidents and ill health can ruin lives. It will also negatively impact your business in several ways. Not only will employee morale drop and productivity suffer, but you also need to pay for temporary workers to come in while your staff is on the mend.

It is because of all these risks and the consequences of an unsafe work environment that every company in South Africa is legally required to assess the risks in the workplace, with plans put in place to control these risks and hazards. Health risk assessments also have to be reviewed at least once every two years to remain compliant.

Why Trust IOH Solutions with Your Health Risk Assessments?

Since 2003, IOH Solutions has been providing industry leading solutions in the occupational health sector. We have a dedicated team of occupational health professionals who are all registered at the Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene. We bring many years of expert experience and great quality service to the sector.

If you would like more information on how our health risk assessments can help you to remain compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, then contact IOH Solutions today.