The Many Benefits of Real-Time Dust Monitoring Services

The Many Benefits of Real-Time Dust Monitoring Services

Globally, millions of adults suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Many may have the condition, but just have not been diagnosed yet. Most of these incidents are a direct result of exposure to airborne dust, fumes, and similar substances in the work place. To minimise these statistics or to start making a difference, business owners need to consider implementing real-time monitoring solutions in the workplace. The most advanced systems on the market can monitor and provide data on dust levels. The data gathered proves highly valuable to employers, as they can identify activities and areas with the most exposure, and they can incorporate strategic plans to minimise risk and protect the health and safety of the workforce.

Why Dust Monitoring Services are Essential

In terms of occupational health and safety regulations, employers must protect the health of their employees from exposure to hazardous substances. It is not just dust that an employer must protect their workers from. Reasonable protection must be provided against silica, dust, coal, metal, and fumes that might be toxic. Monitoring is important because it protects the business from losses, and also ensures that staff members feel appreciated and cared for.

Employers have the responsibility of monitoring dust levels in the workplace, as well as keeping up records of dust exposure. Ongoing medical assessments must be carried out, and all staff members must be educated on the potential risks and how to avoid illness and injury in the workplace. If workers sustain health issues due to dust exposure, it will result in reduced production and the potential closure of the business until the dust levels are considered acceptable. This can be extremely bad for the business’ bottom line.

Dust monitoring services must be carried out by professional and qualified service teams to ensure that systems are correctly installed, data is accurately translated, and daily operations are minimally disrupted.

The Dust Monitoring Process

Before any dust monitoring systems can be incorporated, a thorough risk assessment must be carried out within the workplace. Employers must have a detailed understanding of what risks there are, who is most at risk, and what the current exposure situation is.

When dust monitoring systems are implemented, it is important to ensure that the measures installed do not hinder staff members from carrying out tasks comfortably and effectively. Real time monitoring allows employers to act quickly and understand where the most risk in the business exists.

IOH Solutions Dust Monitoring Services

To ensure that your business benefits from the best possible dust monitoring services, get in touch with IOH Solutions. We will pay a visit to your premises to carry out a thorough, detailed assessment of the property. We will be able to advise you on the risk areas, and ensure that you are provided with a great deal of advice to ensure compliance, save money, and actually save lives too.

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