From construction workers to cleaning technicians and teachers in the science department, there are many work fields that necessitate employees to work with or handle hazardous chemical substances on a frequent basis. This short term interaction and long term exposure can easily pose a real threat to employees when the associated risks are not handled properly and if health and safety procedures are not put in place and adhered to.

Thankfully, there are tips that can be followed to stay safe while handling hazardous chemical substances. Chemicals and many other hazardous substances pose a dire threat to employees who must work with it. These threats can be mitigated and managed through various health and safety practices. There are other tips your employees can follow to minimise the chance of injury while working with these potentially unsafe substances on the job.

Here are only a few of the tips they can follow:

• Never work with a hazardous chemical substance if you are unsure what it is, what its purpose is and what the associated dangers and risks are with the actual chemical itself.

• All employees should be trained and prepared to handle any hazardous chemical substances that form part of their job description.

• All employees should be provided with the appropriate protective clothing needed to handle and work near hazardous chemical substances, and wear surgical masks, eye goggles, aprons and gloves where appropriate.

• Where possible and practical, only work with potentially hazardous chemical substances in the presence of fellow employees so that there is someone to call for help immediately, should anyone be harmed by the substance.

Make Your Workplace Safer for Your Employees with IOH Solutions’ Hazardous Chemical Substances Air Sampling

Chemical air sampling is an effective monitoring strategy employed to help with quantifying concentrations of a vapour, gas, particulate or aerosol in a specific area. These sampling services are an effective strategy used to determine whether harmful exposure to your employees is making your workspace hazardous to work in.

At IOH Solutions, we take these air samples over a period of eight hours, or for however long your employees are normally exposed on a daily basis. We will then compare these measured concentrations with the Occupational Exposure Limit which is governed by legislation in South Africa. This is used to determine whether your employees are being over exposed to the hazardous chemical substance in question.

If you want to determine the effectiveness of controls that are in place in the workplace already, then we offer you area sampling services as well. These samples will not be compared to Occupational Exposure Limit, but instead act as indicators to ambient conditions which arise from the use of specific chemical substances.

If you would like to ensure compliance in your workplace to South African laws regulating exposure to hazardous chemical substances by employees, then contact IOH Solutions to discuss your needs in greater depth. We are at hand to answer all your questions and help you to make an informative decision regarding your company’s workplace safety.