Occupational Hygienists

How Occupational Hygienists Can Benefit Your Business 

Exposure to chemicals, vapours, fibres, fumes, gases, dust, and various other particles is something that many people in the manufacturing and industrial environment must deal with. If your employees are exposed to any of these while at work, they are at risk, and so is your business. With the advice of a professional occupational hygienist, exposure to these potentially harmful substances does not mean that you have to suffer the consequences. You can set reliable health and safety systems and mechanisms in place with the help of our occupational hygienists.

What Our Occupational Hygienists Do 

An occupational hygienist has a complex task to carry out. There are many things that this professional has to consider, including the nature of substances and materials that individuals are exposed to, and what this means for their health and safety. Below are a few additional considerations:

  • What harm does the substance/material pose?
  • How often will individuals be exposed to it and for how long?
  • Can the substance be absorbed by the human body?
  • Is the substance/material affected by temperature?
  • How can individuals be protected from the harmful nature of the substance/material?
  • Can alternative substances/materials be used in their place?
  • What precautions are required to ensure that individuals aren’t negatively affected by the substance/material? 

As you can see, the occupational hygienist has a lot to think about. Our professionals will take meticulous care when investigating the various environmental stressors that exist in your workspace. An environmental stressor is that which can affect your workforce’s wellbeing through injury, impairment, and illness. All of these can translate into serious financial losses or expenses for the business.

Tests Carried Out by Occupational Hygienists

At IOH Solutions, our accredited and experienced occupational hygienists can provide a solution for workplace threats. We can provide a suitable solution after carrying out several tests, assessments, and surveys. These are aimed at testing indoor air quality, illumination, ergonomics, body and arm vibrations, occupational health risk, and air sampling for chemical exposure.

With the help of an occupational hygienist, you can keep your employees safe and protected. In South Africa, it is legally required that you do so. Failure to set systems and precautionary measures in place could result in downtime, loss of income, and interrupted productivity. There is also the chance of legal action being taken against the company if an employee becomes injured, sick, or worse.

Our Experience in the Industry

We have been assisting South African companies to achieve and maintain safer and healthier workplaces since 2003. Our occupational hygienists have a great deal of experience in the industry and currently work with a variety of large companies on the continent. Our expert services and thorough advice enable businesses to operate with peace of mind. We have an extensive network of agents, associates, and correspondents that makes it possible for us to offer our professional services at competitive rates. Let us help you build a business that is safe and healthy.

To learn more about our services and to receive expert advice, simply contact us via email or telephone at IOH Solutions today.