What is an Occupational Hygienist?

Not everyone will know what an occupational hygienist is, and some might not even know just how seriously they need one. With legislation changing over the years and with various industries expanding as they are, occupational hygienists have become a necessity. Without the help of such an individual, you might find yourself faced with disgruntled employees, unnecessary downtime, loss of income, and expensive legal action.

At IOH Solutions, we employ qualified occupational hygienists who provide professional services to factories, construction sites, manufacturing warehouses, and even offices. The task of an occupational hygienist is to limit health and safety risks in the workplace by means of identifying dangers and implementing practical and affordable preventative measures.


What Our Occupational Hygienists Can Do for You

What exactly will an occupational hygienist do for you? Is it all about telling you what’s wrong? Now, before you start thinking that an occupational hygienist will just point out problems and tell you how you could be doing your job better, let’s clarify. These professionals actually measure and control health and safety risks along the way to ensure that things are in fact getting safer, so that your business isn’t faced with some nasty surprise expenses or litigation in the future. The factors that an occupational hygienist takes into consideration are not just physical, but actually psychological too. This means that such an individual can help you to create a safer, healthier workspace that is also less stress-filled.

While it is important to meet certain health and safety standards for the sake of your employees (who you obviously value and need), it is also important to meet these standards so that your business is compliant with the various regulations and legislation relevant to your particular industry.

You can expect your dedicated occupational hygienist to carry out detailed and thorough surveys, measure risks with specialised equipment, compile reports and data, and advise on best practices. You can have your entire workplace assessed and a proposed occupational health and safety strategy drawn up for you with the help of our occupational hygienists. These solutions will take the legislation and regulations of your specific industry into consideration. It’s important that this is done, as no work environment is identical to another.

At IOH Solutions, our team has the scientific and practical knowledge required to put your business in a good occupational health and hygiene position. Our team has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and is always available to discuss matters at length and in depth.

If you want to ensure that your business is compliant and that your workforce is kept safe and healthy at all times, hire IOH Solutions as your professional occupational hygienist. We will ensure that you are provided with a solution to the risks that your business is faced with. You can chat with us at your leisure by getting in touch via email or telephone today. We look forward to assisting you and your employees with all thing related to health and safety.