Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Protect Your Business from Potential Risk with Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Services

Occupational hygiene programmes are typically designed to safeguard and promote the health and safety of workers, the public, and the surrounding environment from hazards and/or risks that can occur as a result of industrial activities and processes. Their main purpose is to prevent injury and illness instead of waiting for harm to become evident and for belated treatment to be required.

Occupational hygiene monitoring is used to ensure that measures to protect employees and the public from risks are actually effective. This is done through medical surveillance aimed at early detection of deteriorating health. The type of medical exams and tests carried out will be determined by the nature of the risks that employees are faced with.

Monitoring employee health is one part of the process and the second part is workplace monitoring. The practice of occupational hygiene monitoring requires the expertise of industry professionals who visit the business premises in order to assess the overall effectiveness of the procedures that are in place; these include work practices, engineering processes, protective equipment and processes, and provision of health and safety equipment.

The health and safety processes that are then set in place are determined by the operations performed and the type of chemicals, machinery, equipment, and various hazards involved. Humans can be exposed to a variety of physical hazards, which includes noise, heat, vibration, radiation, chemicals, and repetitive movement, all of which may have a negative impact on health.

We are experts in the industry. We have handled the assessment of various industrial set-ups, implemented safety and health procedures, and continued to monitor health and hygiene thereafter for many businesses in South Africa. Our professional health and hygiene monitoring services are focused on the following: health risks, noise monitoring, hazardous chemical substances, asbestos, indoor air quality, thermal stress, ergonomics, illumination, chemical compatibility, ventilation, vibration, and hazardous biological sampling.

Why Trust IOH Solutions with Your Occupational Hygiene Monitoring?

We have more than 13 years of experience in the occupational health and safety industry. We are approved and accredited by the Department of Labour and the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). Our health and safety solutions are designed to be innovative and effective, and they reduce your costs at the same time.

Can your business take the risk of facing fines, potential closure, and even litigation for being non-compliant with Government and industry-imposed legislation and regulations? Of course not; no business can. It will reflect poorly on your corporate as well as your social responsibility image. It can also result in costly downtime and hefty legal fees. To mitigate the risks and to avoid these hassles and the wasted time in trying to get your business up to standard once an audit has exposed the shortcomings, why not get everything in place and ready right now, and maintain it going forward? IOH Solutions can help you with that.

For more information and advice on our occupational hygiene monitoring and associated services, simply contact us via email or telephone and we will assist you further. Entrust your occupational health and hygiene compliance to us today.