Occupational Hygiene

Why is Occupational Hygiene so important for the Modern Business? 

Even though many of the traditional occupational challenges of the past, such as lead, asbestos, and solvents have been controlled in many aspects, there are many other health challenges facing the modern working environment today. What’s more, these health challenges are more varied than ever, requiring a comprehensive occupational hygiene solution.

We don’t just recognise chemical hazards. The health hazards originating from noise, ergonomic stresses, infectious diseases, extreme heat or cold, and psychological stressors all form part of modern occupational hazards.

In order to maintain a safe workspace and healthy workforce, you can’t close your eyes to the risks facing the modern working environment. Excellent occupational hygiene benefits both industries and workers, resulting in the following benefits, amongst others:

  • Boosted employee life expectancy and better health.
  • Lower costs of health care, while maximising employee potential for your business.
  • Increased productivity and more efficient working processes.

How Occupational Hygiene Health Risk Assessments Benefit Your Workplace

If you are unsure how to get started with implementing accepted best practices with regards to occupational hygiene, then start with an occupational hygiene health risk assessment. This assessment helps you with evaluating your employees’ exposures to hazardous chemical substances and other hazards they may face in the workplace. It is the first line of defence for your team and sets the stage for interventions to make your workplace a safer place for everyone present at your premises.

Our team assists you in identifying potential sources of employee exposures and advises you on the most cost-efficient occupational hygiene monitoring strategies available to you. We also accurately measure environmental conditions in the workplace, with our expert occupational hygienists recommending practical control measures to make it easy for you to comply with the relevant South African statutory requirements.

Tap into Our Occupational Hygiene Expertise 

We bring decades of combined expertise in occupational hygiene and make it available to the benefit of our valued clients. Tap into this experience, and let us help you keep your team safer while on the job. It will not only benefit your employees, but will also impact positively on your business processes, and your company’s bottom line. Avoid the annoyance and stressors of employing temporary staff while your employees are on sick leave by removing the hazards facing your team in their workspaces.

Some of the many services you can look forward to when partnering with us include:

  • Occupational health risk assessments.
  • Indoor air quality surveys.
  • Illumination and noise surveys.
  • Whole body, and hand and arm vibration surveys.

We are ready to answer any questions you may have, in order to make your decision even easier. To learn more about our company, what we do, and how we can help you keep your team safer, contact us today. Our team of occupational hygienists is ready to provide practical solutions to the hidden dangers lurking in your workplace. It is our mission to help your business succeed by having a healthy and hard-working staff complement.