Why Your Business Should Care About Occupational Hygiene 

While many of the past occupational hygiene and health challenges, such as lead and asbestos, are still with us, these risks are far more controlled today, thanks to consistent intervention and education. The health risks facing the modern workplace today are, however, far more insidious and sinister, and can easily be overlooked by an untrained eye. Today, not only are chemical hazards recognised for their potential devastation to employees’ health, but we also concentrate on the health hazards associated with noise pollution, heat or cold, infectious diseases, ergonomic stresses, and psychological strains on employees.

Occupational hygienists are charged with protecting employees from hazards and threats posed by advanced technologies in the workplace, something which the world didn’t have to contend with a few decades ago. We have to anticipate and respond to the risks from highly potent pharmaceuticals, semi-conductor manufacturing, and other emerging technologies, in order to keep our workforce safe.

Sufficient occupational hygiene is good for business, and good for staff morale. Your business should be concerned with adhering to international best practices and industry standards when it comes to maintaining occupational hygiene in the workplace, as it’s proven to:

  • Improve employee health and boost life expectancy.
  • Reduce the amount of people who need to leave the employment sector early due to illness or injury.
  • Lower healthcare and social costs, while at the same time maximising employee potential.
  • Deliver more efficient working processes, with increased productivity and technological improvements.

Keep Your Employees Safe with Expert Occupational Hygiene Solutions

These are only a few of the reasons why your company should care about and pay attention to occupational hygiene. By having a healthier workforce, you’ll also save on having to hire temporary workers to stand in for absent staff on sick leave. You won’t have to train these temp workers on your processes, which means efficiency and productivity aren’t lost or compromised. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved when employees are able to execute their duties safely and confidently.

We take a comprehensive approach to occupational hygiene in the modern African business. Instead of merely specialising in one area, such as occupational health risk assessments, we’ve broadened our scope to provide a far-reaching occupational hygiene strategy to our clients. When you approach our occupational hygienists for assistance, you can expect the following:

  • Air sampling of hazardous chemical substances.
  • Illumination surveys, as well as indoor air-quality surveys.
  • Temperature, noise, ventilation, and illumination surveys.
  • Ergonomics, drinking-water sampling, and whole-body, hand, and arm vibration surveys.

These are only a few of the areas in which we specialise.

Complete Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Rest assured that we not only provide you with the assessments and raw data needed to keep your employees safe, but we also design, develop, and maintain health and safety systems for our clients. We advise you on the implementation of our findings, and we are there every step of the way to make sure that the implementation rolls out smoothly, and that it benefits your team. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how it can be of benefit to your business. We look forward to hearing from you.