Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Minimise Risks in Your Workplace with Expert Occupational Health Solutions

Conducting an occupational health risk assessment in your workplace allows you to minimise the risks faced by your workforce and the public. It also offers better compliance with workplace safety regulations, and helps you to create and maintain a healthier work environment, and a culture of safety. Internal assessments remain the number one way to uncover and deal with risks in your workplace.

Employers are charged with the responsibility of removing all barriers to safe work. The responsibility is yours to see to it that your employees have a safe workspace in which to execute their duties. On-duty injuries and illnesses account for a significant loss of productivity and profit in South Africa every year. Not only do you have to pay out sick leave to employees, but there are also the costs of hiring temp staff to keep your company’s productivity going.

Invariably, there will be an adjustment period with temporary workers, which can have a knock-on effect on productivity and efficiency in your work processes. Following this logic, it is in your company’s best interests to ensure the safety and health of your employees, and occupational health risk assessments remain a greatly reliable way of doing so.

What is an Occupational Health Risk Assessment?

The risk assessment is a method of systematically looking at every aspect of the workplace and work activities that take place. Here is where every consideration of what could go wrong is assessed, and a suitable control measure is decided on to prevent loss, injury or damage in the workplace. The assessment includes the controls required to reduce, eliminate or minimise risks altogether.

It is mandatory for every employer to ensure the safety of all employees while at work. Workplace safety remains a major concern for employers and employees. It is not only up to one side to take the safety of all involved seriously. By working together with employees, employers can use the information gleaned from a health risk assessment to come up with a solid strategy to prevent damage, loss and injury in the workplace.

Expert Occupational Health Solutions from IOH Solutions

Occupational health, hygiene and environmental health is our passion. At IOH Solutions, we bring more than a decade of experience and expertise to the occupational health sector. Throughout the years, we have helped many South African employers to protect their workplaces against preventable safety and productivity hazards. Our company is a Department of Labour and South African National Accreditation System accredited Approved Inspection Authority, which only further expands on our authority in this sector.

Our mission has always been to be a leading occupational hygiene firm in South Africa, by providing the very highest standard for risk-based consulting in the occupational hygiene sector. The focus of our operations extends to all physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic stressors, and remedies to counter their negative effects. When you approach us for an occupational health risk assessment, not only do we offer you insight, but also practical suggestions, to implement safer workplace policies. Speak to us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your employees and assets safer in the workplace.