The Importance of Regular Health Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Adhering to frequent health risk assessments is just as important as conducting an assessment in the first place. If you don’t perform frequent risk assessments, then the results can become outdated, and hazards and risks can creep into the workplace. Things change, processes evolve and staff turnovers all impact the expertise and awareness levels among the workforce with regards to health and safety in the workplace.

Regular health risk assessments keep track of the basic sources which can hamper the health and wellbeing of your workforce during the commission of their duties. Employers are charged with ensuring workers’ safety while on the job. In the case of health hazards in the workplace, what you don’t know can certainly hurt you, your business and its workforce.

Important Benefits of Performing Frequent Health Risk Assessments

There are definite benefits and advantages to performing frequent health risk assessments. Here is a closer look at some of the great advantages of investing in professional health risk assessments:

• Create awareness among your employees by also using the health risk assessment as a training tool.
• Recognise and control hazards in the workplace.
• Reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace.
• Set risk management standards, based on acceptable best practices and all legal requirements.
• Reduce costs by being proactive rather than reactive.

These are only a few of the many advantages that you can look forward to when investing in professional and expert health risk assessments. Oftentimes, people make the mistake of blaming incidents in the workplace on human error or negligence, when in fact, most accidents in the workplace take place due to insufficient management controls.

Proactive Health and Safety Procedures Reduce Workplace Incidents

A responsible business owner’s proactive efforts to implement the findings of health risk assessments, and to deploy risk management systems throughout the company can go far in preventing the majority of incidents that might occur in the workplace. What systems can you put in place in your workplace to reduce the likelihood of a safety or health incident?

Here are only a few:

• Training and inspections.
• Work procedures and employee fitness.
• Planned maintenance of structures and equipment.
• Ensuring that there is sufficient and competent supervision available at all times.

Benefit from Our Expertise in Workplace Health and Safety

At IOH Solutions, we have worked hard to become a leader in the occupational health, hygiene and environmental health sectors. Our company has a history that dates back to 2003, and since our inception, we have grown to become a valuable partner in our clients’ businesses by helping them keep their staff safe while on the job.

Our mission has always been to become a leading occupational hygiene firm in South Africa by providing the highest possible standard for risk-based consulting in occupational health. We specialise in providing expert health risk assessments, and can help your business to implement all of our findings and recommendations as well. Feel free to contact us for more information on our health risk assessments, and for advice on keeping your workplace free from risks and hazards.