Ensuring Compliance with Health and Safety Management Regulations

Every organisation is charged with ensuring that it minimises the risk of harm to employees and the public, including workers, contractors, managers and visitors. This is particularly relevant for people engaged by the organisation to perform these activities as part of their occupation. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed an occupational health and safety management system standard, the ISO 45001, to enable companies to manage their health and safety risks, while improving compliance and performance too.

The implementation of this occupational health and safety management system is a strategic decision and can be used to support the business’s sustainability initiatives. This ensures that employees are safer and healthier, while also increasing the organisation’s efficiency, effectivity and profitability.

The Benefits of a Successful Health and Safety Management System

How can an effective health and safety management system boost efficiency, productivity and profitability in a company? By keeping your staff healthy and happy, you engender greater work satisfaction among your workforce. You also minimise sick leave absenteeism. When you have high levels of absenteeism, you also have to hire many temporary workers to pick up the slack among your workforce.

Not only does this lead to greater expenses, but it also compromises your company’s efficiency and productivity, as temp workers need to be trained. You end up paying for sick leave and for additional wages, while not even maintaining the same productivity levels throughout your organisation. In this way, a sound health and safety management system protects your employees, keeps your business productive and boosts profitability.

Any modern organisation’s activities can pose a risk of injury or ill-health to employees. It is the employer’s task to minimise these risks as far as possible, and do everything within reason to remove hazards and risks from the workplace. Many times, it will not be possible to eliminate every possible risk or hazard, but concrete steps need to be taken to ensure the employees’ safety as much as possible.

Choose IOH Solutions for a Sound Health and Safety Management Solution

At IOH Solutions, we are proud of our long history of service in the occupational health, hygiene and environmental health sectors. Since 2003, we have been involved with many service delivery companies and have worked with some of the largest employers in South Africa to help them implement adequate health and safety management systems throughout their organisations.

We are a Department of Labour and South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited Approved Inspection Authority. This just further speaks to our position as an industry leader in our sector. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is always at hand to provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed business decision regarding the safety and health of your workforce in the workplace.

Our mission has always been to become the leading occupational hygiene firm in South Africa, and we continue to work towards this ideal. We provide the very highest standard for risk-based consulting in occupational hygiene, with a focus on all physical, chemical, ergonomic and biological stressors. Speak to our team of experts today for advice on implementing a tailored health and safety management system throughout your organisation.