Employee Risk Assessment

Affordable, Easy Employee Risk Assessment

Employee risk assessment covers numerous aspects which can impact on the individuals and the business as a whole, positively or negatively, depending on conditions in the workplace and the health and suitability of each worker for his or her assigned duties.

Pre-employment evaluation determines the physical and mental capabilities of the prospective employee to determine best placement. This involves various medical checks and screening processes, which must continue periodically throughout their employment to ensure that health and safety measures as per the company’s policy are satisfactory.

This on-going process is particularly crucial for workers who are exposed to potential hazards and risks, whether biological, chemical, thermal, excessively noisy or brightly or dimly illuminated. Both the employee and the systems in place designed to control these stressors are subject to assessment.

Medical aspects which should be monitored include skin assessments, audiometry, chest x-rays, eye tests, lung function (spirometry), drivers’ medical fitness and shift workers’ questionnaires. No business really has the budget to send employees to off to various doctors each time assessments are required and that is why a company like IOH Solutions, which specialises in risk evaluations, exists.

They employ qualified and experienced risk assessment professional experts, who have all the knowledge and equipment to perform accurate and effective tests. These include staff’s medical checks and comprehensive risk factor evaluation in the workplace.

This multi-discipline approach enables IOH Solutions to report on findings, recommend treatment and control measures and periodically conduct surveys to monitor efficacy of corrective steps taken. The employer has a social, ethical and legal obligation to ensure a safe workplace, failing which productivity and profitability will suffer and costly litigation may follow.

Places of business and work must also be made as safe and risk free as humanly possible for visitors or persons passing through who are not employees. Many a legal action has followed someone slipping or tripping over an item on the floor and being hurt in the process or being injured because protective equipment was not issued.

When a person is to leave the company, exit medical examination should be performed and recorded for the protection of both parties. It all sounds very involved, but with the assistance of affordable experts, employee risk assessment is effective and easy.