Occupational Medical Examinations

Arrange Regular Occupational Medical Examinations for Your Team of Staff

In various industries there are physical and health requirements that staff members need to meet with in order to be able to excel in their chosen position. Some of these requirements might be of physical strength and some might be of general health excellence – either way, there are methods to find out which individuals are best suited to the task and working environment. If you work in an industry where your staff members where health and safety is at risk, it is best to have occupational medical examinations carried out before choosing who to hire. These tests will help you to place individuals in positions in your business that they are equipped for, and capable of handling.

Many companies choose to have these medical exams carried out regularly so as to ascertain whether or not the working conditions are affecting the health of the workforce. It is vitally important to have an examination carried out when a worker’s contract is terminated as this will help you to avoid litigation in the future, where your company can wrongfully suffer.

At IOH Solutions we will take your companies occupational health concerns very seriously. When turning to us for assistance you can expect for us to develop a health policy that is specific to your business and its nature. We will set up a medical surveillance programme for you and carry out regular health assessments on your staff members. This is done to ensure the good health status of those employees that are exposed to hazards and potential health risks. We work in strict accordance to occupational health legislation which means that with our help your business will be fully compliant at all times.

A typical medical examination carried out on employees will include the following:

  • General physical exams on the body’s functions and responses. This includes tests such as tapping the fingers, feeling of the hands and so on.
  • Audiometry – this test measures sensitivity and range of an individual’s hearing.
  • Vision screening – this tests for current or potential sight problems such as blurry vision, lack of focus, colours, far and distant vision and so on.
  • Spirometry – this tests the strength of the lungs. It measures how much air can be inhaled and exhaled (volume and air flow).
  • Chest X-rays – this is to check the heart, ribs and lungs and ensure everything is in place.
  • Skin assessment – this type of test can be very telling of an individual’s general physical condition. The tests will assess skin colour, texture, moisture, temperature, lesions and so on.
  • Driver medicals – these tests are generally to determine if those with an ailment or illness are able to make safe use of vehicles and machinery.
  • Shift work questionnaire – these are carried out to ascertain if shift work affects the quality of life and health for individuals. Common reported problems arising from shift work include depression, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia and so on.

IOH Solutions can offer you each of these medical test services as well as a whole host of others. Our professional and qualified team can also offer various occupational health risk assessments which will help you to better understand what factors pose a risk or threat to the health and safety of your team, and how you can set procedures in place to avoid this.

Our team carries our thorough assessments by spending time at your premises and observing how teams function and how your systems and processes work. Once the assessment is complete, we will be able to present you with a report on where the risks are posed and what procedures and methods can be followed to make your work place safer and healthier according to set industry standards. Most companies have these types of assessments carried out every 2 years in order to ensure that their growing business is always compliant. At IOH Solutions we will make compliance a simple task for you!

When seeking out a professional concern to carry out your occupational medical examinations, take the time to chat to us at IOH Solutions. You will find that our services are efficient, well priced and thorough. There is every reason to believe that you can expect a smooth running working environment when taking on our services and implementing our various plans, methods and processes designed specifically to meet the needs of your company.