Occupational Medical Examinations

Occupational Medical Examinations – Why They’re Needed

In physically demanding or potentially hazardous working environments, occupational medical examinations are a must. These exams can be carried out pre-employed, periodically during employment, and on termination of employment.

These medical exams are designed to protect both employer and employee, and ensure that health is a top priority for both parties at all times. The purpose of an occupational medical exam is to ensure that employees are placed in a working environment well suited to their physical and psychological capabilities. When the exam is carried out before employment, it is to ensure that the individual will be able to carry out duties without putting anyone (including themselves) at risk.

Of course, in many positions the status of an employee’s health needs to be determined before entry into the workplace. This is particularly necessary if the working conditions could potentially make an employee sick. The health of each worker must then be monitored throughout the employment contract. This is to protect the employee from illness and to ensure that the business has a healthy productive workforce and can avoid potential litigation.

At IOH Solutions, we specifically handle the carrying out of professional occupational medical examinations for companies for both pre-employment and ongoing check-ups. We offer broad spectrum exams which cover and include the following:

• Chest X-rays
• Vision testing and screening
• Hearing tests
• Skin assessments
• Spirometry
• General physical exams
• Driver physical exams
• Shift work and working environment questionnaires

We can provide a tailor-made medical examination best suited to your needs and requirements. If there are additional tests that you need carried out, just let us know. Your premises or site can also be assessed to determine potential health risks, and ensure that you are aware of them and the possible solutions. Understanding the risk factors faced by your employees helps us to better serve you and also puts us in a better position to provide you with thorough medical reports and analyses on both employees’ physical and psychological conditions and, of course, potential health issues that your employees might face.

Companies of all sizes and nature are faced with governmental, national, local and even international legislation and regulations that need to be adhered/complied to. It is our aim at IOH Solutions to help put your company in the best possible position to achieve that particular compliance. We have been offering occupational medical examinations to both large and small companies since 2003. Our team, which is made up of a network of highly efficient and qualified consultants and agents, makes it possible for us to offer exceptional and somewhat unmatched service delivery. When chatting to our consultants about our services, you will also quickly discover that we offer highly competitive rates in the industry.

For more information and advice on our occupational medical examinations, and how our services can benefit you and your workforce now and in the future, please get in touch with us at IOH Solutions. Send us an email or give us a call at your earliest convenience.