Occupational Medical Examinations

Protect Your Team with Regular Occupational Medical Examinations

Many industries require their staff to meet various physical and health requirements in order for them to excel in their chosen careers. While some of these requirements may very well be physical strength, oftentimes it is merely possessing excellent general health. Regardless of the health requirements placed on employees, there are various avenues available to employers to determine which individuals are best suited for specific positions in the company.

If your company operates in a sector where the health and safety of staff is at risk, it is also recommended to have occupational medical examinations carried out as part of the recruitment process. This examination provides you with the information that you need to hire the best individuals, and place them in positions inside your company that they are best suited for and able to handle.

Keep Up to Date with Your Employees’ Health

Many South African companies choose to have occupational medical examinations performed on their staff to determine whether the working conditions are affecting their workforce’s health. This is particularly helpful and important for companies operating in high risk health sectors. This ensures that your staff’s health is protected and that employees remain healthy while performing their duties.

At IOH Solutions, we have been operating in the occupational health and safety sector with great success since 2003. Since our inception, we have helped many South African companies keep up to date, and comply with the latest occupational health and safety regulations, as stipulated by the South African government. Our team of occupational health experts work with you to develop a specific health policy that meets the unique needs, challenges and demands of your business.

What is Included in Medical Examinations Performed by IOH Solutions?

IOH Solutions can set up a medical surveillance programme that allows your business to carry out occupational medical examinations of your employees more effectively. Typical medical examinations carried out on your employees include the following:

  • Chest x-rays;
  • Vision screening;
  • Spirometry;
  • General physical exam;
  • Audiometry;
  • Skin assessment;
  • Shift work questionnaire; and
  • Driver medicals, to name a few.

These are only a few of the aspects that will be checked during our thorough occupational medical examination. We have a professional and qualified team available to offer numerous occupational medical examinations and health risk assessments that will go a long way towards helping you to better understand the risk factors faced by your employees. Our team spends time at your premises and observes how your employees function in the workplace. Once our assessment is complete, we will be in a better position to report on the risks posed to your workforce, and what measures and procedures should be followed to minimise these risks.

We do not only advise you on the risks that your employees face in the workplace, but we also guide you with implementing our recommendations. To find out how our occupational medical examinations can add real value to your business and help you protect your employees, contact IOH Solutions to discuss all of your needs in greater detail with industry professionals.