Occupational Hygiene South Africa

We Offer You Comprehensive Occupational Hygiene Solutions in South Africa

Any employee has the right to work in a workplace that is free of dangers and hazards. As an employer in South Africa, you are charged with creating a safe work environment for your employees. Aside from all the regulations that compel you to put occupational health and safety measures into place, there are also tangible benefits to making sure your employees are safe, secure, as well as happy.

When your employees are exposed to less hazards and injury causing accidents, your business will achieve greater productivity. Less sick leave days will be requested and your business will save money on hiring temp workers to fill in for your fulltime employees. There will also be less time lost on trying to get temporary workers up to date with the systems and procedures of the company before they can hit the ground running.

Choose IOH Solutions for Occupational Hygiene in South Africa

At IOH Solutions, we provide South African businesses with occupational hygiene solutions. Our solutions have been developed with the modern day South African company in mind. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, it has to comply with state regulations on occupational health, safety and hygiene, and we are the company to help you achieve full compliance.

To start with, we perform a health risk assessment at your premises. During this assessment we perform a careful examination of what could pose a hazard for your employees, clients and the public. This provides you with all the comprehensive information you will need to weigh up risk and to determine whether or not you have taken enough precautions, or whether you should do more to prevent harm.

Accidents and ill health can greatly affect people’s lives, cause damage to your machinery and equipment, and negatively impact your business. A comprehensive risk assessment forms part of our occupational health solutions in South Africa, and this assessment should be performed every two years.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

As part of our occupational hygiene services in South Africa, IOH Solutions can help you to determine indoor air quality of your facilities. The quality of indoor air can be affected by gases such as radon and carbon monoxide, microbial contaminants such as bacteria and mould, and any energy stressor that can affect adverse health conditions.

In order to determine the indoor air quality of your facilities, we will collect air samples and monitor human exposure to pollutants. We also collect samples on your building’s surfaces and then compute airflow inside the buildings. This all helps us to accurately determine the precise indoor air quality of the building and will then enable us to advise you on the appropriate measures to take to improve the quality of the air.

We are passionate about providing occupational hygiene in South Africa. So contact IOH Solutions to learn more about our business and to find out how we can help you to protect your employees against hazards and dangers facing them in the workplace.