Occupational Hygiene Services

Keeping Your Employees Safer with Expert Occupational Hygiene Services

Part of managing any productive workplace and corporate environment successfully includes managing occupational hygiene. This aspect of hygiene services uses science and engineering to prevent illness caused by the workspaces and environments that people are tasked to work in. It also seeks to reduce injury and illness from anticipated and preventable elements in the workplace. It remains a crucial part of any working environment, and should always be properly managed by a seasoned and professional team.

The importance of professional and effective occupational hygiene services can’t be underestimated. By harbouring a healthier workforce, you cut down on sick leave days, paying for temp workers to fill in for off-sick employees, and you prevent the obstruction in efficiency by having to train temporary workers. What’s more, a healthier and happier workforce is more productive.

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of Investing in Professional Occupational Hygiene Services?

We have listed only a few of the many advantages that you can look forward to benefitting from when investing in professional occupational hygiene services:

• It lowers healthcare costs;
• It maximises your workers’ potential;
• It improves worker health and increases life expectancy;
• It reduces the number of employees that need to book off for sick days; and
• It allows for greater efficiency in work processes and secures increased productivity, to name a few.

Trust IOH Solutions for Innovative and Expert Occupational Hygiene Services

At IOH Solutions, we bring many years of experience to our industry. We have worked with some of the largest employers in South Africa to produce exceptionally effective and tailored occupational hygiene services and solutions. Our team of seasoned industry professionals works in close tandem with each of our clients to produce a custom occupational hygiene solution that addresses their specific needs.

Whether you require health risk assessments or noise monitoring, we have you covered. We have devised a comprehensive service offering that encompasses all possible combinations of occupational hygiene solutions. Some of the many services and solutions that you can expect from us, include:

• Health Risk Assessments and Noise Monitoring;
• Hazardous Chemical Substances and Asbestos;
• Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Stress;
• Ergonomics and Illumination;
• Chemical Compatibility and Ventilation; and
• Hazardous Biological Sampling and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, to name but a few.

When you approach us for expert occupational hygiene services and safety management systems, we will design, develop and maintain your health and safety systems. This entails developing and drafting all health and safety documentation to keep it in line with the Act, including policies, manuals and procedures, as well as the development of all SHE files.

Our team also reviews your current health and safety documentation, and helps you to bring it all in line with the requirements of the Act. Should the need arise, we can re-engineer your current health and safety systems. These are only a few of the many occupational hygiene services and solutions that you can expect from us.

Speak to our team of industry experts to learn more about how we can help you keep your employees safer on the work floor with our comprehensive occupational hygiene services and solutions.