Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Systems and Procedures

When working in the industrial environment there are many factors that can negatively influence a staff member’s wellbeing. In many cases the health, happiness and wellbeing of a staff member can be protected if various procedures and processes are set in place. Occupational hygiene monitoring is a method of studying, recognising, evaluating and identifying stresses and potential risks that exist in the work place that can cause injury, illness, unhappiness or even impairment to your staff members.

There are a number of categories that a business or workplace’s general stressors fall under as follows:

  • Physical factors
  • Chemical
  • Ergonomic
  • Psychosocial
  • Biological

If you want your business to be operating according to occupational health and hygiene standards faced by your industry then you are going to need to take on the services of a professional company to carry out surveys, tests and evaluations on your working environments. Some of the tests that are generally carried out in the industrial sectors include air sampling for hazardous chemicals, surveys on the quality of your indoor air supply, temperature surveys to ascertain heat and cold stressors, surveys on noise, drinking water sampling, ventilation surveys and so on. These are just a few of the surveys that you can expect to be carried out at your work place.

With the help of Innovative Occupational Hygiene Solutions you can expect for a complete occupational health and hygiene monitoring and management system to be set in place and monitored for you. As each business is different we will design, develop and set in place a system that is unique to your needs and requirements. We can assist with all the drawing up of health and safety documents that are required by your business. Some of these required documents include health and safety policies specific to your business, procedures that need to be followed and general manuals on processes to be followed by your business and its employees.

Our professional team will re-engineer your current health and safety systems and will ensure that your business is ready to undergo an audit at any time. If you want your entire business to be compliant with health and safety regulations then we are just the professional team to turn to for assistance. We can carry out regular health and safety inspections and ensure that there are emergency response procedures in place and that your team is trained on exactly what to do and how to do it.

When electing our team to carry out an occupational hygiene assessment on your company you will need to provide us with access to all of your facilities so that we can test the severity of all potentially contributing risk factors. These include the likes of vibrations, exposure to hazardous substances such as lead and chemicals and so on. Each risk factor is scientifically tested so that we can ascertain what their effect is on your team of staff members.

Monitoring the health of your staff members from the time that they start working for the business is also quite important. All of these tasks can seem quite daunting to the average business. If you want to have all your occupational or industrial hygiene risks professionally handled then it is best to seek out the advice and guidance of one of our experienced and qualified consultants at Innovative Occupational Hygiene Solutions.

We have in excess of 10 years of experience in the field and have spent a great deal of time honing in on our skills and paying special and dedicated attention to the needs of our clients. This dedication has earned us a loyal following and the trust of many large corporations. Our employees and experts are all registered with the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (also known as SAIOH) which provides our clients with the necessary peace of mind when handing over such an important task.

When seeking out a solution to your occupational hygiene monitoring needs there is only one place to turn to – IOH Solutions. Let our team provide you with a detailed quotation on our services and allow us the opportunity to get your business running in full compliance with standards and guidelines legally set in place.