Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Protecting Your Staff from Health Hazards with Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

When operating in the industrial environment, employers have an even greater responsibility towards their employees to ensure a safe and hazard-free workspace. It is an unfortunate reality that there are many factors that can negatively impact and influence a staff member’s wellbeing. With occupational hygiene solutions and monitoring, you can keep on top of these factors and eliminate hazards as far as possible.

It is never possible to completely eliminate all hazards from the workplace, but with expert occupational hygiene monitoring solutions, you can do all that is in your power to make your employees’ workspace as safe and hygienic as possible. Occupational hygiene is actually the study, recognising and evaluating, as well as identifying, of stresses and potential risks that exist in the workplace. These hazards can cause illness, injury or impairment to your staff, and need to be addressed and resolved in the correct way.

What Stressors Are There in a Workplace That Need to Be Addressed

There are various categories that a workplace’s general stressors fall under. These categories are addressed in occupational hygiene monitoring solutions, and they include:

• Physical factors;
• Chemical and ergonomic; and
• Psychosocial and biological, to name a few.

For a modern South African business to operate according to statutes and according to accepted occupational health and hygiene standards, they need to stay up to date with the latest developments in this arena. For many companies, this is an impractical solution. This is especially true for businesses whose primary economic concentration and activities are not related to the occupational hygiene field.

It is because of this, among many other reasons, that companies choose to take up the expert and value-adding services and solutions of occupational hygiene monitoring experts. With this form of monitoring, there are surveys, evaluations and tests carried out on your working environments to provide you with real-time information on the safety and hygiene of your workspaces.

What Tests Are Carried Out in Occupational Hygiene Monitoring?

There are many tests and evaluations carried out under the occupational hygiene monitoring umbrella, but some of the most popular ones are generally carried out in industrial sectors and include air sampling for hazardous chemicals, temperature surveys to determine heat and cold stressors, and surveys on the quality of your workspace’s indoor air quality.

Other tests and surveys include surveys on noise pollution, drinking water sampling and ventilation surveys, etc. At IOH Solutions, we provide you with all of the above and more when you partner with us for a tailored approach to your company’s occupational hygiene needs. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the industry, and continue to work hard to provide our clients with the expertise and service that they expect from an industry leader.

With the support and backing of our team, you can expect a complete occupational health and hygiene monitoring and management system tailored to your needs. These programmes will be monitored for you, and be kept up to date on a continual basis. Speak to our team of seasoned professionals for a tailored and structured occupational hygiene monitoring solution today.