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Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Provide Your Employees with a Safe Workplace with Occupational Health Risk Assessments

Dedicating the time and expertise to fully comply with all relevant health and safety regulations in the workplace may be challenging for many South African businesses. Most managers and business owners simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this important task. However, it is still required of every South African business to ensure that their employees work in a safe and hazard-free environment.

Employers are tasked with conducting a number of occupational health risk assessments, in order to adhere to the OHS Act (85 of 1993) and Regulations. This ensures that employers are able to identify potential hazards in the workplace, while also allowing them to quantify the risks. If you are looking for a seasoned and experienced partner to take care of your occupational health risk assessment, look no further than IOH Solutions.

We have years of experience in helping companies adhere to all the various occupational health requirements and legislation in South Africa. We bring knowledge and expertise to every client that we service and can carry out occupational health risk assessments throughout a wide range of industries. Our team works with management to guarantee a thorough understanding of your company and to assess all risks comprehensively and correctly.

Get More Value from Your Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Your company’s occupational health risk assessment is the starting point of your health and safety management system. When undertaken correctly, your company is guaranteed to save resources, money and time in future. At IOH Solutions, we use internationally recognised health risk assessment methodologies. This is just one more reason why it makes sense to trust us with all of your occupational health risk assessment needs.

We incorporate our findings in your action plan, allowing you to effectively manage and prioritise your occupational health risks in the workplace. Accidents and ill health cannot only cause damage to your business and hamper its productivity, but it can also ruin and devastate lives. Meet your legal obligations to assess risks in the workplace, and put plans in place to mitigate and manage those risks.

Stay on the Right Side of the Law with IOH Solutions

At IOH Solutions, we help you to ensure legislative compliance. Our occupational health risk assessments cover the following applicable legislation:

  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulation of 2003 – Section 6;
  • Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (Act No.29 of 1996);
  • Lead Regulation of 2002 – Section 6; and
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulation of 1995 – Section 5, among others.

We are proud of our long history of exceptional service and continue to work hard to provide our clients with the solutions that they need to keep their workplaces safe and hazard-free. It is recommended to instigate an occupational health risk assessment every 24-months, in order to take the evolving needs of your business into account.

Speak to our team of seasoned professionals to learn more about our many helpful occupational health solutions and to ensure that your employees have a safe and hygienic workplace to perform their duties in.