In the last two decades, a far greater emphasis has been placed on workplace health in South Africa. Today, there are many regulations put in place to protect people – be they employees, employers or visitors to the site. The wellbeing and safety of people is the top priority in every industry, and there are various plans in place to protect them during business operations.

What are the risks that your employees face? How can you reduce these risks and ensure your employees’ safety as best as you can? Booking an occupational health risk assessment will reveal and highlight all of the potential dangers that lurk around your workplace. It is also one of the best strategies to follow, in order to ensure compliance with all of the relevant occupational health and safety regulations that have been put in place by government.

To make sure that all employees are safe from harm during the execution of their work duties, these regulations have been instituted to cover the work environment that employees are required to work in, along with all of the tools and equipment that they use. If you are still unclear about the need for occupational health and safety regulations in the workplace, then consider the following:

  • These regulations legislate the personal safety of all people in the workplace;
  • They also provide safe and good conditioned equipment and machinery; and
  • They help to build a hazard-free and safe work environment for all employees.

Prevent Accidents and Ill Health From Occurring in the Workplace

Obviously, it is impossible to ensure that accidents will never occur. However, you can do everything possible to prevent it, including investing in an occupational health risk assessment of your workplace. If your employees need to take off work to recover from illness or injury due to being hurt in the workplace, production will suffer, machinery is damaged and insurance costs escalate. You will also need to bring in temps to cover your employees’ absence, thus further chasing up costs.

IOH Solutions is experienced in performing occupational health risk assessments in workplaces throughout the country. Since 2003, we have been involved with many service delivery companies. We have also built a strong team of experts consisting of occupational health professionals registered at the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene, as well as a qualified attorney responsible for all legal compliance audits. These are only a few of the many experts that form part of the passionate team behind the incredible success that IOH Solutions has experienced in more than a decade of operations.

We are passionate about our sector and about adding real value to the concerns of our many different clients from all sectors of South Africa’s economy. Our team partners with you and helps you to reduce risks in your workplace. Not only do we perform an occupational health risk assessment of your premises, but we also advise you on how to implement our suggestions and findings. Contact IOH Solutions to learn more about our occupational health services and find out how we can help protect your employees in the workplace.