Injuries and illnesses resulting from conditions and risks at the work place are a common problem in many industries in this day and age. Every industry will have its own set of risks to deal with and various precautions must be in place to ensure that staff member’s health and safety is protected. The type of restrictions and policies in place will depend on the severity of the risk that the particular industry you work in is faced with. If you want to ensure that your business is compliant with the rules, laws and regulations in place for your particular industry, you will need to arrange a professional occupational health risk assessment with a reputable company such as IOH Solutions.

An occupational health risk assessment involves the potential hazards and risks within your business being analysed. Once the risk is calculated, various safety precautions, changes and procedures will be presented and suggested to you. Only when your business passes such an assessment as “safe”, can you operate in full compliance of the law.

In some work environments, the potential of risk cannot be completed eliminated. In these instances, various safety procedures are set in place to ensure that the existing risk is kept to an absolute minimum. Staff training must also be provided to ensure that they know how to make use of premises, equipment and chemicals without putting their health at unnecessary risk.

A company that is not well protected against potential health problems and risks can be faced with a multitude of problems which can be quite crippling to the business. For starters, staff members who become ill or injured can take your company to court which could result in you losing thousands of Rands. If your machinery is damaged during an accident, your business can experience downtime which means a fall in profits too. If accidents do occur and you need to claim from insurance, your premiums will be hiked up, which over time can become quite an expense for your business. In addition to this, when a staff member becomes ill or is injured while at work, you will need to give them paid recovery time. This means a loss for the business as you will also need to get replacement staff for the time that they are away.

Protecting your business against these types of losses is the responsible thing to do. Businesses in South Africa usually have an occupational health risk assessment carried out every 2 years, just to make sure that they are fully compliant at all times. You will find that as your business grows, the risk factors change and you must cater to this.

When running a successful business you will want everything to be above board. This means that it’s time to schedule a visit from an assessor who can ascertain the current position of your business and advise you on how to make the right and corrective changes. You can expect for the assessor to spend some time at your premises watching how operations are carried out and how staff members function within the workplace.

Statistics have proven that there are a large number of businesses operating in South Africa that have failed to comply with the various health and safety regulations set in place by the industry that they work in. In this case, contravention notices are served and the company may even be shut down until it is able to meet with all the safety requirements.

What can you expect from a risk assessment with IOH Solutions? The following reports and information will be presented to you after our assessment is complete:

  • Detailed information on the various risks that have been identified in your working environment.
  • Specific information on which departments or teams of staff members are at risk.
  • An evaluation on the severity of the risks faced. Solutions and precautions that you can take will be included.
  • Ensure that plans and procedures are implemented within the work place.
  • Ensure that staff members are educated and trained on the various new systems, safety methods and procedures being set in place.

If you would like to schedule an occupational health risk assessment with us at IOH Solutions, waste no more time. Simply give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly and professional consultants will be in touch with you shortly.