Noise Measurement in the Workplace

The Need for Noise Measurement in the Workplace

Noise measurement in the workplace is a necessary aspect of every occupational health and safety strategy. For an employer who operates a noisy work environment, this might appear like a complex aspect of your occupational health and safety programme. To start off with, keep in mind what you are trying to achieve, which can be summarised as minimising or entirely avoiding the risk of noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace, which fully complies with local and national noise-based legislation.

This legislation is based on the South African Government’s directives and every employer operating in South Africa is charged with compliance with health and safety laws. At IOH Solutions, we work hard to provide our clients with the occupational hygiene and health services that they need to keep their workplaces safe and hazard free for their employees. Occupational health and hygiene is a major consideration for successful companies.

Good health simply means good business. Protecting your employees’ health is important for their safety, but also for your company’s image and sound management. If you have frequently ill staff, you need to hire temp workers. Not only is this a drain on your resources and a burden on your bottom line, but it also impacts your company’s productivity. This is because temp workers need to be inducted into your company’s work processes before they can get going with their duties.

Let IOH Solutions Provide You with Noise Measurement in the Workplace

Today, the range of health risks facing employers in the workplace is more varied than ever. Health hazards are present in every industry, whether it is manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, oil and gas, or waste management. Your company may already have health and safety policies and procedures in place, but we can review and update all of your documentation and upgrade it to the current legislative requirements.

In this regard, you can sleep sound at night knowing that your occupational health documentation and requirements are updated and fully compliant with the latest legislation. We provide a comprehensive occupational health and safety approach, and our services focus on the following risk categories:

  • Physical: Ventilation and air quality in your workplace, noise measurement in the workplace and bright or inadequate lighting;
  • Biological: Viruses, bacteria and infectious diseases;
  • Environmental: Waste disposal, water, air and soil pollution; and
  • Ergonomic: Lifting, carrying and repetitive movements.

These are only a few of the areas that our occupational health services concentrate on. We bring unrivalled experience and knowledge to the industry and make our expertise and insight available to the benefit of our valued clients. We have a seasoned environmental services team, able to offer you a complete overview of the areas that you should be concentrating on and examining based on comprehensive test results. Whether you need noise measurement in the workplace or advice with waste disposal, or any other array of occupational health services, we have the solutions that you need.

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