Indoor Air Quality Surveys – What Does It Entail?

Running a business today where there are potential risks in relation to occupational health, hygiene and environmental health can be quite a tricky affair. While your business might be specialised and with the various procedures in place to protect yourself, staff members and the community and environment, you will need to be absolutely certain that you are always operating in accordance with international, national and local legislations and standards. In many cases, violating the terms of these can be detrimental to the future of your business. Indoor air quality surveys are an integral way of ensuring that your building and business are not violating any terms in place.

When these tests or surveys are carried out they are done so in order to ascertain what the quality of air is directly around the building and within it. The health and working comfort of the building occupants will be directly affected by this and it must therefore always remain within a healthy and acceptable state.

What can affect the quality of air within a building? The following are contributing factors to unhealthy or poor quality of indoor air:

  • Microbial contaminants – this includes the presence of mould and bacteria.
  • Gases – this includes the presence of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and radon.
  • Mass and energy stressors – these cause health problems.

The first step to ensuring that these contaminants don’t have an adverse effect on your staff members is to dilute the air and keep it clean by means of ventilation, filtration and controlling the actual source of these contaminants. These are the primary methods used to control the problem and must be overseen by someone who has experience in the field of air quality control and management.

What do indoor air quality surveys entail? The following steps are taken when the quality of air needs to be ascertained:

  • Samples of the air are collected by professionals.
  • The air is tested for pollutants and contaminants.
  • The health of employees will be monitored to see what the effects of the pollutants are.

In South Africa there is no legislation or methodology in place whereby a professional company can monitor and determine the quality of indoor air and the effects of pollutants and contaminants. At IOH Solutions we offer indoor air quality surveys and carry out tests out according to international standards as set out in the ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2010 which is the standards for ventilation and acceptable indoor quality in low-rise residential buildings, and the ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 which is the standard for ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality.

At IOH Solutions we are an experienced and qualified team of occupational health professionals who want nothing more than to provide you with a reliable service that can assist you to grow and develop your business without your staff member’s health being at risk.

The IOH Solutions team has 10 years experience in the industry and also offer a number of other services in addition to testing the quality of indoor air. We also offer the following services in each category:

  • Occupational hygiene – health risk assessments, noise monitoring, hazardous chemical substances, thermal stress, ergonomics, illumination, chemical compatibility, vibration, hazardous biological sampling, water sampling, occupational health and management safety systems.
  • Medical surveillance – this involves pre-employment medical examinations, assessments, and ongoing medical surveillance within a business where potential health risks exist.
  • Environmental services – environmental dust fall out, PM10 sampling, environmental noise surveys, water sampling, aspects and impacts identification and sampling, soil contamination assessment and environmental management systems.

At IOH Solutions will take the time to meet with you and discuss the situation and the needs of your business. We understand that each business is unique and we will therefore tailor-make a solution to meet with your specific needs and situation.

We encourage you to chat to us about your specific business and we will present you with a quotation and further information on our indoor air quality surveys and how they are carried out. We ensure that our tests are carried out with professionalism and that you are provided with the results and proposed courses of action to consider in good time. Take some time to chat to us today.