Why it Remains Necessary to Conduct Frequent Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Health and risk assessments have become a matter of significant importance for modern South African companies who employ a medium to large sized workforce. Whichever sector of the economy the business may fall in, it is always to the benefit of the company and its employees that a bi-annual health and safety risk assessment is performed.

Every work environment poses some threats and risk to the employees that could affect their health and wellbeing. While it isn’t always possible to eliminate all levels of threats and risk from the workspace, the employer is charged with doing whatever is at their disposal to eliminate as much of it as possible. By employing health and safety risk assessments, you ensure that an employee faces the smallest amount of risk possible when entering the workspace and conducting their duties.

What Do Health and Safety Risk Assessments Do?

The health and safety risk assessment is there to ensure that an employee is in no way in danger when working in the workplace. The assessment first identifies all of the risks that employees face while working. These risks could range from anything like tools that employees use, to machinery that the company utilises in its daily operation. It also looks at possible chemicals that are used in the industry, among a number of other things. This forms part of the safety aspect of the assessment.

Another aspect of the assessment is the health hazards that employees may face in their working environment. These aspects generally pertain to the health of an employee, and are used to ensure that the workspace is conducive to the wellbeing of employees. Here, the assessment looks into the safety policy of the business. An emergency action plan is developed and employees are trained in first aid. It may also extend to looking at some of the risks that consumers and the public might face as well.

At IOH Solutions, we bring many years of expertise and experience to the health and safety risk assessment sector. Our risk assessments carefully examine what in your work could cause harm to people. This allows you to weigh up risks and helps you to decide whether you have taken appropriate precautions or should do more to prevent harm from occurring in your workplace.

Our health and safety risk assessments conform to various legislation and helps you to conform to health and safety laws in the workplace, including:

  • OHS Act No. 85 of 1993 – Sections 8;
  • Asbestos Regulation of 2002; and
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulation of 1995 – Section 5.

We are committed to providing our clients with a clear and value-adding plan to remove as much risk from their place of work as possible. Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants works with you to ensure that your workforce has a safe and hygienic workplace to perform their duties. Contact us at IOH Solutions to learn more about our extensive service offering and how we can be of benefit to your business.