Don’t Waste Your Resources on Poor Environmental Management Systems

As a modern and forward thinking South African business, you realise the importance of having a solid and quality environmental management system in place. However, businesses with little or no experience associated with ISO standards may find the process of implementing these systems successfully rather challenging. This concept refers to your company’s systematic response to its environmental policies, in order for it to be handled and documented appropriately.

An effective environmental management system is something that will assist your organisation in improving its overall environmental performance. Not only does this help you to run your business more environmentally friendly, but it also ensures that you remain compliant with all relevant regulations and illustrates your seriousness to your customers at remaining an eco-friendly enterprise.

In the past two decades, environmental management systems have been widely adopted, both locally and internationally, by companies who take their environmental impact seriously. Don’t waste your company’s resources on ineffective environmental management systems. Instead, enjoy these benefits when you implement a practical and effective EMS in your business: 

  • Boosts real cost savings: Effective environmental management systems have been proven to achieve real cost savings by boosting efficiencies in energy, waste, water and transport.
  • Boosts engagement between stakeholders: An EMS can prove to be a valuable engagement process for employees and other stakeholders in the company.
  • Stay compliant with government regulations: By adhering to an established and effective EMS, you effectively demonstrate your business’s responsibility and commitment to key clients, the public and regulators.

These are but a few of the many benefits that cutting-edge environmental management systems have to offer.

Choose IOH Solutions for a Comprehensive Environmental Management System

IOH Solutions is a leading occupational health, hygiene and environmental health consultancy. Since 2013, we have been involved in providing many service delivery companies with innovative environmental health and safety services. We are registered and accredited with the Department of Labour and the South African Accreditation System (SANAS) as an accredited Approved Inspection Authority, which only further serves to boost our legitimacy.

Our team of experienced and professional consultants work on a regular basis with some of the continent’s largest companies. We also have a network of correspondents, business associates and agents who work hard to enable us to provide our services to clients at affordable and accessible rates. We remain focused on providing you with quality and comprehensive services that are both innovative and cost-efficient. All of our environmental management system solutions are fully compliant with local, national and international legislation and standards.

Some of the elements addressed in our environmental management systems include:

  • EMS documentation development and implementation;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Environmental management plans for development projects throughout the construction, rehabilitation and operational phases; and
  • Environmental awareness and capacity building and training, to name a few.

We are passionate about our industry and about offering real value to our clients. To find out more about our cutting-edge and celebrated environmental management systems, and to learn more about how we can be of benefit to your business, speak to us today.