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There’s Far More to Industrial Hygiene than Clean Washrooms

While nobody can deny that personal cleanliness can play a role in ensuring our health, the concepts embraced by the term industrial hygiene are considerably more far-reaching than ensuring the washrooms are kept stocked with antiseptic handwash and disposable paper...

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The Nature of Occupational Health and Hygiene Services

The various potential dangers to which many workers are exposed on a daily basis have, in some cases, been known for centuries. However, despite the efforts made, over the ages, by a few concerned employers to protect their staff, within the limitations of the...

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The Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace

In the case of a food production plant or a restaurant, we tend to view hygiene in the workplace as consisting of rules about washing one’s hands, keeping working surfaces clean, and providing the necessary tools and materials with which to do so. While such actions...

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The Relationship Between Occupational Health and Hygiene

It is, of course, not unusual for workers to become ill. They catch colds and flu. They injure themselves playing sport and, from time to time, they eat things that disagree with them. All of these maladies are the result of activities conducted outside of the working...

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Occupational Hygiene

The bottom line is that an effective occupational hygiene programme benefits both employees and their employers. For affordable, professional services to protect their interests, many South African businesses now choose IOH Solutions.

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