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Occupational Safety Risk Assessments

Boost Productivity and Protect Your Employees with Occupational Safety Risk Assessments

What are some of the benefits of conducting occupational safety risk assessments in your workplace? You will instantly minimise the risks and hazards facing your workforce, while ensuring better compliance with workplace safety legislative requirements in South Africa. What’s more, you will also maintain a healthier work environment.

How can occupational safety risk assessments boost your company’s productivity? When employees work in an unsafe or hazardous environment, the likelihood of employees becoming ill or injured is high. When they take sick leave to recover, you need to bring in replacement labour and temporary workers. This is disruptive to the work processes of your factory or warehouse, since new employees need to be trained in the processes and workings of the business.

It will also cost your company more to pay for the additional labour while paying for employees’ sick leave. When you perform occupational safety risk assessments and identify and fix the hazards facing your staff, you minimise the possibility of on-the-job injuries and will not have to resort to temporary labour to fill in the gap. This is just one of the ways in which these risk assessments can help to boost productivity in your business.

Give Your Employees a Safe Workspace

Your employees deserve to conduct their duties in a safe and hazardous-free work environment. As an employer, you are charged with providing your employees with such an environment. However, thousands of employers throughout South Africa need help with making their work environments safe and compliant with all legislative requirements on occupational health and safety. This is where occupational safety risk assessments can be of value.

At IOH Solutions, we have developed an assessment that ensures the compliance of our clients with relevant legislation, including the OHS Act No. 85 of 1993 – Section 8, as well as the Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996), and many other relevant laws. When we complete our occupational safety risk assessment at your premises, we perform a careful examination of what could cause harm to people in your work environment.

We then weigh up the risks and determine whether you have taken sufficient precautions, or if there is more that you can do to prevent harm. We not only make recommendations to you as to how you can improve the safety of your workspace, but we also assist you with regards to implementing our recommendations in a practical manner. We are there for the long haul and assist you with every aspect of becoming legislatively compliant.

Our team of industry professionals brings many years of experience to the sector and work hard to provide our clients with value-adding services that keep their workforces safe on the job. If you would like to discover more of our solutions and how our services can be of value to your business, then simply contact us at IOH Solutions today. Take decisive action and keep your premises safe for your workforce, while complying with the relevant occupational health and safety legislation in South Africa.