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Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Occupational Health Risk Assessment Services – Book Your Assessment Now!

In the work place, various risks may exist where persons working at your premises may be injured or become ill. Of course this varies from industry to industry and the type of precautions that you set in place will depend on the type and severity of the risks that exist. An occupational health risk assessment involves professionals taking a closer look at the potential hazards that exist within your business. The risk is calculated taking into consideration the existing safety precautions and procedures that are in place.

Once this is done, an analysis is presented to the business and various suggestions are made to ensure that health and safety within the work place are guaranteed, and where the potential of risk cannot be eliminated, processes are set in place to minimise potential injury, harm or illness.

Legally, reasonable control measures have to be set in place within a business where risk or hazards exist, in order to protect those who are working on the premises. Accidents and health problems that arise as a direct result of your business can cause the following problems for you and your company:

  • Staff members can take you to court for sustaining injuries or falling ill at work. Many companies lose thousands of Rand on these types of court cases.
  • Damaged machinery can result in reduced production which means profitability falls.  The cost to get the machines repaired or replaced can also burn quite a hole in your budget.
  • Insurance premiums will be increased when claiming for damages and injuries. Unfortunately the more you claim (the more accidents you have) the higher your premium will become.
  • Sick or injured staff means that you will need to pay additional costs to have someone trained to fill in temporarily. Many companies don’t anticipate needing back up staff for these types of situations and the training that needs to go into each position can take time and cost money.

If you want your business to prosper and grow without being faced with these challenges then it is advised that you look into the various processes and procedures that you can put in place to help avoid them. It must be noted that your business should have its occupational health risk assessment reviewed at least every 2 years to ensure that you are always compliant, even as your business grows.

There are various regulations that need to be considered when running a business and if you aren’t sure if your company is fully compliant, then it’s time to have a risk assessor pay a visit to your premises. A professional assessor will spend some time analysing how the business operates and where the potential for injury and damage exists.

It is also vitally important that your staff members are fully trained in what to do in an emergency situation. Making sure that there is visible and clear instructions available on how to be safe at all times at various work stations throughout the business is also essential.

Recently reports have shown that over 10 000 health and safety contravention notices have been served in South Africa, affecting the production of over 1000 businesses. At IOH Solutions we specialised in creating plans and systems to follow within your business that will help you to be compliant with regulations, laws and guidelines and also ensure that your company’s productivity doesn’t get negatively affected.

Preparing for accidents and illness is the only way to run a business that presents a hazardous or risky working environment. Making sure that your staff members are aware of the risks is of utmost importance and we will show you how to do this. Our risk assessment will provide you with the following details and reports:

  • Identification of the various risks in the work place.
  • Details on who is actually at risk.
  • Risk evaluation coupled with various solutions or precautions.
  • Implement various plans and prioritise certain actions in the work place.
  • Communicate and train staff on the new methods and systems in place.

Occupational health risk assessments can be easily scheduled with us by giving us a call or sending us your details. One of our knowledgeable and friendly consultants can then be in touch to advise you and quote you on the service.