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The Importance of Sound Health and Safety Management in a Modern Business

Health and safety management is an important factor that cannot be ignored. Effective health policies and relative training not only decrease the losses suffered by employee sick days but also boost productivity and morale in the business. When employees take sick leave, temporary workers need to be brought in and trained. This incurs additional expense and the workflow suffers since the temp workers will take time to find their equilibrium.

Health and safety management deals with the management of the workers’ safety in the workplace. A healthy and safe workplace is the end goal of any occupational safety policy framework. Most developing and developed countries have laws that regulate health and safety management policies in the workplace. Companies are charged with ensuring compliance with all the relevant occupational health and safety regulations in South Africa.

At IOH Solutions, we work with you to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation in South Africa. We know it can be challenging for our clients to stay up to date with current legislation, as it is always changing and evolving. We make it our business to stay up to date with the latest laws and regulations, and make sure that you stay on the right side of the law.

Keep Your Employees Safe with Comprehensive Health and Safety Management Strategies

We help you to keep your employees safe in the workplace. Occupational health, hygiene and environmental health are our passion. Since 2003, we have helped countless South African companies to make their workplaces safer for employees and the public. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the very best health and safety solutions.

Our company is a Department of Labour and South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited. We are also an Approved Inspection Authority. Throughout the years, our footprint has also extended to the rest of the continent. Our seasoned and experienced consultants often work with some of Africa’s largest companies to advise them and consult on their health and safety management endeavours.

As a SANAS accredited company, we are authorised to supply the services of an Inspection Authority for:

  • Asbestos Regulation, Government Notice No. R 155 of 10 February 2002;
  • Lead Regulation, Government Notice No. R 236 of 28 February 2002; and
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulation, Government Notice No. R 307 of 07 March 2003, among others.

Our passion for making sure that our clients enjoy the best solutions customised to their unique circumstances is clearly evident in all that we do. You too can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and insight into the industry and boost your workers’ safety while executing their duties in the line of their work.

To learn more about us and to find out how we can help you to take your business to the next level, speak to us today. We look forward to helping you boost the safety of your workplace and provide your employees with a hazard-free space to perform their duties.